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Faced with a reality where ancient prophecies hold sway, Evesse Salazar is about to discover the depths of her destiny as she is suddenly thrust into a realm of unimaginable peril.


When her best friend Ismini is snatched away by a god who promises her as a sacrifice, Evesse's life takes a complicated turn, and she is soon ensnared in a cosmic struggle that she can barely comprehend. Days later, another god arrives to claim her—Zeniel, the enigmatic God of Tranquility. 


With eyes that hold both secrets and sorrow, Zeniel ignites a connection with Evesse that sparks a dangerous awakening. Beneath Zeniel's serene exterior lies a chilling truth: a monstrous force battles within him, one that hungers for destruction. 


He was once known as a fearsome executioner. An indiscriminate killer that is still feared millenia after he last walked through the dimensions. 


Zeniel is suddenly pushed to confront his true nature, a journey that could spell salvation or catastrophe. For the only way to protect and have his mate might be to unleash the God of Vengeance's merciless fury once more.


As ancient enemies draw near, old powers arise and destinies collide. Evesse must navigate a treacherous path, torn between the seductive pull of two opposing gods. Will she be the savior they need, or will her choices tip the balance toward destruction? 


This is a spicy, fated mates dark fantasy/ paranormal romance with a damaged anti-hero, a strong heroine, and destined connection that will bring out the darkness in them both. This series explores mature themes that might not be for everyone, and every book gets darker than the last. Only suitable for readers 18+. Although this book ends in a cliffhanger, this couple's story is resolved, and each book in the series features a brand new couple.

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