When a human male breaks your heart, it can feel like your life is ending.

When an immortal god does it . . . well, I learned the hard way that can lead to actual death.

The last few years I’ve been isolated except for my two best friends Ismini and Evesse.

Until they both went missing.

Until I started searching for them and connected with the last thing I expected. 

A pair of white eyes.

He ruined me. All because I was stupid enough to give in.

Too weak to fight him.

His scent.

His taste.

Everything about that god possessed me. I knew he’d be the end of me. I knew it.

I couldn’t stay away regardless . . . 

And he drove me to suicide. 

Now I’m back.

I’m different.

A monster I cannot recognize.

A monster thirsting for blood . . . 




The end of the last war is a day I’ll never forget.

How could I? It’s the day my best friend prophesied I would one day die.

I, the primal God of the Hunt, the first of his kind, dead. Gone.

All because of a female.

I lived nearly fourteen millenia waiting.

No, running.

Until she barreled into my dream and turned everything upside down.

I ran again. 

I hurt her.

I tore out the very heart I would die for.

Because of my actions, I had to watch her die. 

Now she’s back.

She’s more different than any of us could have ever predicted.

Lost to the obsession for Conquest that has awakened in her veins.

A female I’m determined to save before death finishes consuming me.