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Five weeks ago, my best friend was abducted. A sacrifice for the God of Lust. 

It wasn’t the beginning of her end . . . it turned out to be the beginning of mine. 

I’ve been brought back from the dead. 

Only to be condemned to die once more. 

I’ve awakened to find myself mated to Zeniel, the God of Tranquility. But, no. That isn’t who he is anymore. 

I’m so vile that simply meeting me tore out the most primal, dark force inside him. 

He’s a demon. 

A mythical monster. 

An indiscriminate killer. 

He’s made to destroy the entire fucking world . . . and I’d give anything to have him. 




Within the red and black shadows of doom, all I see are my victims. The sinners I need to destroy. 

And her. 

Always her. 

I want to despise her for what her past did to me. A single look into her eyes and the creature trapped inside me broke free. 

You see, I’m a fucking sham. A pretender. I wasn’t born as Zeniel, God of Tranquility. 

I was born as Mavrak, the war demon God of Vengeance. 

He killed millions across the dimensions once. 

To avenge and protect her, he’ll destroy millions once again. 

For her, I’ll let my powers of Tranquility die in a maelstrom of blood . . . 

Even if it means killing everyone else that I love.



Expected to Ship by March 2024

Attempted Rape, Blood, Mentions of Child Abuse and Neglect, Death, Emotional Abuse, Genocide, Gore, Hallucinations, Mental Illness, Murder, Occult, Profanity, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Stalking, Descriptions of Torture, Violence, War. 

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