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He wants to kill me … More than that, he wants to see me die. 
I don't know him. I've only heard about him throughout my short life. 
It is my destiny to die at his hand when he sacrifices me to the Fates … 
All so that my death can bring back his obsession. 
The woman he loves. 
He's my death. 
But he's more than that. 
He's the air that destroys me with each breath. An addiction I never planned on having. 
I've mated to my killer. 
Either way, I'm going to die. 
The question now is if I can survive long enough for him to complete his sacrifice and bring back the woman he truly adores. 


Fourteen-thousand years ago, I locked away my powers. 
The loss of one woman took everything from me. I made a deal to wait. To sacrifice an innocent that would be born in the far future to bring my beloved back. 
Then I laid eyes on that girl … and everything I thought I knew got shredded to shit. 
She's reawakened the monster in me. 
The madness. 
The hunger. 
The creature that demands a taste of her flesh. 
Even worse, for the first time in my long, brutal existence, the monster is demanding her blood. 
I've mated to my victim. 
I'll have no choice but to keep my promise. I have to sacrifice her. And the moment I do … 
We're both going to die. 


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Attempted Rape, Blood, Mentions of Child Neglect, Death, Emotional Abuse, Genocide, Gore, Hallucinations, Mental Illness, Murder, Occult, Profanity, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Stalking, Violence, War. 

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