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Herakles sought his lost love, Megara, across the ages, only to find empty trails and shattered hope. But what he never fathomed was the truth: Megara had become a pawn in his uncle Hades' sinister game, forged into an assassin against her will…


The Greek God of Power has spent eons haunted by a singular mistake from his past. Unknown to him, Megara had struck a desperate bargain ages ago. A pact that promised her salvation if she aided him in ascending to godhood—a path he ultimately chose over her. 


Millennia later, Herakles comes face to face with the specter of his obsession. Megara, now an embodiment of wrath, harbors a deep-seated rage, not just for the world, but for the one who left her to the clutches of darkness.


But her vengeance is denied. Hades strikes a new deal with them both, uniting them in an unlikely alliance. As they fight to liberate Megara from her tormented existence, secrets buried beneath layers of betrayal begin to unravel, exposing raw wounds and hidden truths.


Can they forge a future from the fragments of their past, or will the darkness they bear tear them apart once and for all? As they both soon learn—some bonds are written in the stars, and some mistakes demand more than mere redemption.

This is a spicy, enemies to lovers, fated mates dark fantasy/ paranormal romance with a groveling hero, a broken heroine, and their final chance to rekindle the love they lost. This series explores mature themes that might not be for everyone, and every book gets darker than the last. Only suitable for readers 18+. Although this book ends in a cliffhanger, this couple's story is resolved, and each book in the series features a brand new couple.

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Ryze Series

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