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To Lose You Episode 42

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“Ah, so you want my help to end the mess you helped create.”

This man was unbelievable. Utterly unbelievable.

Just like his daughter.

This was clearly a waste of my time. I’d miscalculated when I thought he would want to help end this drama.

There was a part of me that was starting to believe that he approved of his daughter’s tactics.

“I hate to remind you of this, but I’m not the one leaking those videos. And, sadly for your daughter, we have proof that she was willing to share them.”

“As I said, you want this. You want to have my daughter arrested in order to appease your childish jealousy—”

“Jesus Christ, you’re sick. Your whole family must be sick. Your daughter is the one who can’t handle her jealousy. Unless you find a way to reel her back in, she’s giving us no choice but to continue pursuing charges. It’ll be the only way to stop her.” Appalled by this man’s way of thinking, I turned to leave.

“If I were to . . . say, get my daughter to leave you two alone, does that mean you’d stop using the law as a means to control her?”

I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. This man was one-hundred percent responsible for how his child turned out. Forget the rumors of him spoiling her. One conversation with him, and it was undeniable. “We have to ‘use the law’, as you put it, because she won’t back down and just leave us in peace.”

Dorian wanted Monica and her family crushed for what she’d done.

I wanted that, too.

But not as badly as I wanted to just leave all this behind us. Move on with my life and focus on my time with Dorian. Enjoy the fact that we’d moved in together, and whatever the future brought us, without this bullshit hanging over our heads.

“So you’re saying that if I get my daughter to back down, you will withdraw charges and convince Dorian to leave her alone in response.”

I faced Alessandro Adamo once more. “Fine. Just get her to fucking stop and to back off. Permanently.”


The sound of Dorian’s voice startled me hard enough to make me twitch.

When I looked over my shoulder, I saw him storming in my direction.

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