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Lust Bonus Scene

I materialize into the south side of Enzyria, on the cliff overlooking the temples. I was pulled by a force greater than I, which now controls me and the powers inside me.

A connection that has magnified everything. Unlike some of the other gods, I barely remember what it was like before I was born into this body on the physical plane, but I do know one thing:

I have no fucking idea how I ever lived without being connected to my mate like this.

Everything that came before her was dull. Empty.

Now, everything is vibrant . . . and painful. I won’t deny it. Being away from Ismini for more than minutes at a time unleashes a level of neediness in me that is straight-up unbearable.

Hence, that pull I mentioned.

The one that brought me here.

I find my mate sitting at the cliff’s edge, the multi-colored trees and plants behind her playing off her aura’s light blue, white, and pale purple arches. Her profile faces me, those glorious eyes pensive as she stares into the Valley of the Gods.


Struggling to catch my breath, I stop and take in every delicious inch of her. My mind flashes back to the last few weeks, to the terror of realizing that I was trapped in a promise of ending her life . . .

Then Axel and Xion did kill her.

It’d all been carefully orchestrated by the Fates, with Nylicia doing her best to guide us to that outcome, but when I think of the fact that so much could’ve gone wrong, that it all hinged on the free will of so many beings, including my own . . .

Once again, I can’t finish the thought.

And, with my heart in my throat, I flash the rest of the distance to my mate.

Ismini smiles over her shoulder at me as I sit behind her. Of course, she felt me when I arrived, our mutual connection alerting her to my presence. Since she’s immortal now, I have no doubt she also scented me.

With my legs on either side of her, I grab her hips and bring her up against me. Her ass presses into my groin.

I’m perpetually hard for her, but the contact sends another rush of blood straight to my dick.

Ismini tenses and then melts back into me with a little whimper.

“Fuck,” I hiss, pressing my lips to her temple. “I can’t get anything done without wanting my cock inside you.”

She giggles, that little happy sound I’ve become addicted to, and leans her head back against my shoulder. “Ditto. As a matter of fact . . .” Ismini wiggles against me, driving me wild with those curves.

I’ve fucked her hundreds of times in the last two weeks.

Considering how long I waited for her, it’s still not enough.

It never will be.

Funny how I convinced myself I’d stopped fucking others because of Dimithinia. In retrospect, I can see now why I waited. Somewhere deep down, I’d known it would be worth it.

And she is. Unequivocally worth it.

“What are you doing over here?” I ask, nuzzling my way down to the mark on her neck. I’m trying to converse with her and find out why she looked so pensive when I arrived, but I know it’s futile.

We have minutes, if lucky, before the need consumes us again, and we have no choice but to give in. With that thought in mind, I stop before my lips find her mating mark—that huge blue, silver, and white curving design that graces her neck and collarbone.

My mark on her.

One of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

“Ismini,” I bite out, tightening my hold on the wiggling girl in my arms. “Talk to me, baby.”

She deflates against me with a low sigh. “I—I don’t know. It’s just been a lot, I guess.”

Of course, it has. When I think of what this must’ve been like for her, a chasm seems to open in my chest, threatening to consume me. Self-loathing thrums through me in constant waves. “You haven’t had it easy. We both know that. Then, you turned eighteen, and I came to sacrifice you.” To bring back another female.

And, fuck. Every time I remember how young my female is—so, so young—I want to curl around her and protect her from everything.

Including myself.

I hug her tighter, my eyes focusing unseeingly on the temples scattered through the valley below. There are nine massive temples, one for each of the gods living on Enzyria, with space left throughout the glittering valley for many more.

When Zex first created this realm, the original plan was for our other allies to end up here with us; it didn’t quite pan out the way we first envisioned it. Not many things did.

A sense of unease slithers across my mind as I look into those empty spaces, specifically the empty space left next to my temple.

“Dyletri? Dy!”

I blink out of my daze, only to find my female’s concerned stare locked on my face. “Shit, did you say something?”

Ismini places her small, delicate hand on my cheek, and I can’t help but nuzzle her palm. “Yeah, and somehow you didn’t hear me. I was saying that it all worked out for the best. You know I can see into your thoughts now. Feel what you feel.” A slow, sensuous smile spread across my female’s lush mouth, and the sight of it short-circuited my brain. “I know you aren’t stuck on her or anyone else.”

With a growl, I bring her closer and make her turn around to straddle me. “Damn right, I’m not.”

Ismini wraps her arms around my neck and leans down to kiss me.

Someway, somehow, I find the strength to stop her before we lose ourselves to our mutual hunger again. “Wait. We barely ever have time to talk.”

“Because I always want this,” Ismini whines, grinding into me.

Hissing, I grab her hips and pray to the Illion for strength. “Exactly. And although we’re mentally and emotionally connected, I think it’s important for us to talk about things.”

Ismini huffs out an annoyed breath. “But you already know why I’m here. I’m scared. Evesse isn’t awake. I can’t stop replaying how she ran into that vortex after me.”

I would’ve had to lead her to the same vortex if I’d gone through with the sacrifice.

Which I was never going to do, I remind myself, trying to beat back the cold terror that engulfs me every time I remember that she was thrown in there.

That she died there.

That I almost lost her.

“And . . .” Ismini glances over her shoulder, staring at my temple again.

At the space next to it.

“I can’t shake the feeling that something else is coming.”

“I have the same feeling,” I agree, bringing her face back around. “But aside from worrying about your friend, which I completely understand, I don’t want you worrying about anything else. I want you to focus on all the good things that are about to happen.”

“Good things, huh?” Her arms tighten around my neck, lips curving flirtatiously. “And exactly what type of ‘good things’ are we talking about?”

She’s trying to get me worked up again, and fuck; she’s succeeding. It wasn’t until her that I understood the true meaning of my powers. I felt lust for sex in ancient times and spent millennia feeling all types of lust coming from others, but none of it ever felt like this.

Nothing ever will.

I cup her wiggling ass and hold her still again. “Baby, you’re young. So young.” When I think of how young she is, I fight back the urge to cringe every time.

Ismini gasps, sensing some of my thoughts. She slaps my chest, a move that actually stings now that she’s immortal. “What does my age have to do with it? I’m legal by human standards!”

“And in ancient times, you would’ve been married with at least two kids,” I add, although the image of her bearing someone else’s children makes my teeth grind. “But either way, I’m almost fifteen-thousand years old in this form. It takes robbing the cradle to a whole other level.”

“Dy!” she huffs, slapping me again. “Are you trying to insinuate that we shouldn’t be together?”

“Absolutely fucking not. I’m saying there’s so much you haven’t experienced, and you’re also so young. I want to spend as much time as possible taking you places. Showing you new things.” I want to say more; other fantasies lie beneath my thoughts, but I’m not sure I fully understand them enough to voice them.

Bullshit. I know what else I’m dying to do with her one day—dying to have with her.

Ismini narrows her eyes as she studies me.

I swallow nervously, even as my cock throbs angrily beneath her.

Biting her lip, she moves over me again, her breath leaving her in a whimper, but she doesn’t stop staring into my eyes the entire time.

It’s pointless to even worry about the Etaeryb. She doesn’t need to open a mind-meld with me to figure out what’s on my mind. It’s in my emotions, the ones that are connected to her, in every line of my hard, trembling, horny body.

Her lips part on another gasp. “Dy . . .”

“Don’t. I’m not talking about that part for a reason.”

“You—you want . . . that’s possible. You guys can have—”

“Ismini,” I groan, laying my forehead on hers. “Let’s focus on where we’re going to go. What we’re going to do.”

Knocking her head lightly against mine, she urges me to look at her. “You really want that? With me?”

Oh god, she’s going there. She’s going to make me discuss a fantasy I didn’t even realize I had until now. “You’re too young for that,” I say, as much of a reminder to her as it is for myself. “We aren’t discussing that for another five years, at least. Maybe more.”

“Uh-huh. . .”

Fucking hell, I know that breathless needy sound. Please don’t tell me it turns her on as much as it does for me. Please.

“How would you stop it from happening? All we do is have sex; I’m not on birth control. And it wouldn’t even work for me now, right?”

We’re shaking against each other. Straining. The scent of her arousal is all around me, drugging me. There’s so much pre-cum in my pants that each sensitive glide of my tip sends pleasure pulsing through my groin. “I—I can control that. I decide when—”

I can’t finish the sentence because just the thought of flipping her over, splitting her wide, and grinding my cock deep inside her until I impregnate her is making me lose it.

Clearing my throat, I try to finish what I’d been about to say. “Some species go into heat and whatnot, but you don’t have to worry about that. So technically, you’ll always be fertile, but it’s up to me when it happens.”

“Oh . . .” Ismini’s unfocused gaze lands on my mouth. “It would be nice if human men had been given that same trait. Would make things easier.”

“You weren’t with any of them, so it doesn’t matter.” Irrational jealousy threatens to consume me, which makes no fucking sense. She didn’t even insinuate she would’ve been. This mating remains out of control, nonsensical to an extreme, even though we’ve both claimed each other.

Tightening her arms around my neck, she kisses my jaw before heading toward my ear. “What if I do end up wanting it sooner? What if I ask you?”

Ask me to put a baby in her.

Sonofabitch, what’s happening to me? I’m about to cum and tear into this girl simultaneously. Fisting the hair at her nape, I bring her mouth away from my ear. “Y-you’re too young. We have time.”

Funny how my angry cock seems to disagree.

Ismini nips at my lip faster than I can stop her. I see a flash of her sexy fangs and my blood leaks between our mouths.

I fucking love it when she shares blood kisses with me.

Melting into her, I groan as our tongues twine lazily.

“Then let’s practice,” she moans between kisses.

Her words take a second to register, but once they do, I lose my ever-loving mind. Dematerializing us, I take her back to my temple—the only place we’re guaranteed some privacy from the others and their advanced hearing.

Landing on the steps to the altar, I maneuver my female to kneel between my spread legs. Then, I dematerialize every stitch of clothing covering our bodies. This perfect female is naked on her knees before me, juicy tits trembling with each breath.

Her inner thighs glisten with her arousal.

I didn’t let go of her hair the entire time, maintained the hold even after we rematerialized, and I squeeze harder as I reach for my cock. Then, leaning back, I thrust into my tight fist as she watches hungrily, her pupils dilated. “You want to practice me putting a baby in you?”

Biting her lip with those elongated fangs, my female nods breathlessly.


A bolt of heat flashes through me, and I arch into my fist, balls tight. “Then come here and suck my dick first. Drink me like you’re dying for it.”

Using every ounce of her newly-immortal strength, Ismini slaps my hand away from her. In a blur of colors and speed, she kneels to take my tip into her mouth. My hand is jerked away from my cock, and her multi-colored eyes meet mine.

Gazes locked, she wastes no time taking me straight past her gag reflex in one shot.

The perks of being immortal are legion. But I doubt she would’ve let it stop her had she still been human.

Ismini bobs her head, her little tongue working me with each glide. She moans around me, pressing her tongue against the swollen veins around my cock. Her lush lips stretch to the max as she works her mouth up and down, and I growl at the sight. “Fuck, baby. You’re always so hungry for it. Sucking my cock like the needy little slut you are for me.”

Whimpering, Ismini slides me out until only my tip is cushioned by her pillowy lips.

I can do nothing but watch and moan as she made out with my cockhead, her sexy tongue swirling around it. There’s something to be said for instinct because I didn’t teach her any of this. From day one, my female has always known exactly how to please me and drive me wild. “You had to be made for me, baby. Only my female could suck my dick this good.”

She whimpers for me again and slides her tongue down the side of my dick straight to my balls. As my erection throbs angrily in the air before her, she takes her time lovingly licking and sucking on them until they’re tight and drawn into my body.

“Fuck, get me back in that juicy mouth, baby. I can’t take it. Need to fill you with my cum.”

“Yeah?” she asks in that sexy, needy tone she gets every time we have sex. Bringing her mouth back to my tip, she smiles playfully and says, “Pump it into my mouth like you can get me pregnant like this. I dare you.”

I don’t know who moves first if she takes me into the back of her throat or I force her to, but her words unleash the brutality in me. With both hands cupping the back of her head, I keep her lips flush with my groin, my dick as deep into her throat as it can go, and I fuck her with everything I have.

Doing as she demanded.

Pretending I can put a baby in her like this.

My voice breaks, and power erupts from me to merge with the temple again. “Oh gods, oh gods, it’s so good, baby. Just like that. Drink every fucking drop,” I snarl, voice split in two, as the pleasure rips through every cell on my body. Teeth gritted, I rotate my hips against her, even as cum and saliva slides out of her mouth and down the sides of my dick.

Not that my female complains. Hell, no. She growls hungrily and does her fucking best to swallow all of it.

Breathless, I let go of her head and melt into the massive step beneath me. Gasping, Ismini releases her tight suck on my dick. I’m still hard, as always, because of my immortality combined with the mating, and my cock bobs in the space between us.

Cheeks flushed, my female wipes the cum off her lips with her fingers, then slides those fingers into her mouth, sucking on them.

“Fuck. Me,” I whisper, slightly dazed by the sight of her. It doesn’t matter how often we fuck; I’m nowhere near desensitized and never will be.

In a burst of speed, I grab her and flip her over. Laying her on the stairs, I hook my arms under her knees and split her thighs wide open.

Ismini’s hands scramble across the marble step beneath her—

I drag her into me and notch my tip against her wet, grasping pussy. Fuck, I can feel her pulsing against my tip, trying to suck it in.

“You’re right,” I tell her, voice split in two. “I can’t wait to put a baby inside you, and it will haunt me for the next half-decade or so. It’s all I’m going to think about.”

“We don’t have to wait for that—”

I silence her by entering her in a single, brutal thrust. I bottom out inside her with a harsh hiss, back arching.

She can’t say things like that to me. I can’t handle it. No matter what either of us wants, I will make sure she has everything she’s missed in life, which means we need years together.


Before we focus on the one thing, I never thought I’d actually have—a child.

Yet the fantasy continues to haunt me, just as I warned her, and being that deep inside her is screwing with my head. Ismini never ceases to amaze me; her pussy was made to drive me wild.

She trembles beneath me, brow furrowed. “God, that’s the deepest you’ve ever gone.”

Little liar. I fuck her to the brink every single time, pushing into the deepest part of her.

I pull out to the tip, but I don’t linger. Burying myself to the hilt inside her, I watch as her entire body rocks from the motion, her tits bouncing. My groan mixes with her moan, but it’s nothing compared to the sound of skin slapping as I set a brutal rhythm. At the end of each thrust, I press deep into her and rotate my hips.

Fuck, Dy . . .” she gasps, eyes wide and stunned.

Usually, my mouth runs as we have sex, and I can’t help but tell her every thought going through my mind.

Right now, I’m overwhelmed.

My mind is incoherent.

Against my will, every thought has gone there, locked on the possibility of Ismini swollen with my child, her sexy tiny waist changing as our baby grows inside her.

Fucking . . . hell . . .

I thrust into her in a blur, hair wiping into my eyes from the frantic moves. Ismini’s nails sink into my arms as she tries to hold on for dear life, my name leaving her in small bursts. Her wet cunt clutches me perfectly with every glide, hungry for me.

Hungry for my cum.

Hungry to have the same thing I’m fantasizing about.

And just knowing that she wants it as bad as I do sends my impulses ricocheting further out of my control.

Leaning down, I lave her nipple with my tongue before sucking her breast into my mouth with what has to be painful suction.

Ismini sinks her nails into my nape in retaliation.

I sink my fangs into her for the same reason.

That and the burning in my throat. No matter how much I drink from her, it doesn’t ever abate.

“Oh God, your cock gets so thick inside me when you drink my blood,” Ismini groans, fingers lost in my hair. She arches beneath me, offering me more of her cunt.

I suck her hard, taking wave after wave of her blood into myself. I grind into her mindlessly, feeling the tension rippling down my spine. As her blood rushes through my veins, mixing with mine, I’m hit with a full-frontal replay of the fantasies in my female’s head.

We both can’t stop imagining it—can’t stop thinking about her round with my baby.

“Fuck, I can feel what you’re thinking about.” My female writhes under me, straining to get me closer somehow.

I release her breast, lapping at the bite mark I left behind. “You’re thinking about it, too, baby. Even though I told you it’s not happening yet—”

I’m thrown clear across my own fucking temple, landing on my ass and my back slamming into one of the walls.

No time to react. No time to understand what’s happening.

Ismini materializes in front of me and grabs my ankles. Just like that, she yanks me hard enough to make me slide until my back slams into the floor.

“I’ll just have to pretend I’m taking it from you. Won’t I?” She faces away from me on a perfect spine, then wastes no time mounting me.

Reverse cowgirl.

The perfect globes of her ass spread, that wet cunt bared, and I can’t even be angry at how she manhandled the hell out of me right now. Not when that beautiful pussy is lowering, silky flesh kissing the tip of my cock.

Growling, I slap one of her ass cheeks, watching it jiggle for me. As red blooms across her flesh, I palm her in my hand. “What part of ‘I control when it happens’ didn’t you understand, baby?”

Ismini looks over her shoulder, that dark hair gliding down her back. “The part where I’m just going to make you give it to me.”

The problem with fucking an immortal female?

Well, aside from how she just flung me across the temple.

My female now has speed that matches mine, and she whips her hips, impaling herself on my dick before I can respond.

My broken growl is still echoing around us when she sets a frantic, debauched rhythm, one that leaves her bouncing on my cock.

I can barely catch my fucking breath as the sight scrambles every thought in my mind.

“Fuck.” Ismini’s nails dig into my legs where she’s holding on for dear life as she fucks me with everything she has. “Your dick feels even bigger like that. Thicker.” She slides down to the hilt and rotates her hips. “I can already imagine it.”

I fist her hair and yank her head back, teeth bared. “Don’t go there. Don’t say it.”

She moans shamelessly at the pain and resumes that insane, mind-boggling rhythm. I tell myself to look away, but seeing that trim waist flaring to that bouncing ass has me fixated. My cock glistens with her arousal as it drips down my length. “Imagine it, baby. This perfect cock filling me. Making me—”

I sit up and slide the fingers of my free hand into her mouth, silencing her.

She can’t say it.

I can’t hear it.

To hear her moaning like my own personal porn star, begging me to give her that . . .

I slam into her from beneath, hard enough to hurt us both. “You’re such a hungry little whore for this cock. You want everything I can give you, and we will have that one day. Over and over.”

She mewls around my fingers, pussy tightening at my words.

I yank her by the hair the rest of the way until her back is pressed against my front. Fingers in her mouth, lips pressed to her ear, I whisper, “When the right time comes, I’m putting a baby so deep inside you.”

Teeth slicing into my fingers, Ismini jerks atop me and fucking explodes, her cunt drenching us both.

Like every damned time, I’m dragged over the edge with her against my will. Her pussy demands; I’m helpless to give. “Gods. Oh fuck. You always take it from me,” I growl, my teeth sinking into her trapezius. Power whirling around us, I pump up into her, drinking her down as pleasure tears through my body.

It’s one of the hardest, longest orgasms of my life, somehow topping all the others I’ve had with her before. But, as usual, when I’m gorging on her blood, I lose myself to the experience, to the merging of our identities. Time is lost, reality forgotten.

Eventually, I come to, only to find Ismini and me spooning on the temple floor. Heart racing, I smooth her hair away from her face. “Baby?”

“You are no fun, you know that?” she complains, voice heavy and satisfied.

Barking out a laugh, I hug her closer, skin to skin, and kiss her jaw. “I don’t know. I think you had a lot of fun throwing me around.”

“You deserved it,” she mumbles, and I hear the pout in her voice.

“As much as it turns me on to have my female use her full strength on me, I have to admit I don’t understand why. All I’m saying is we should wait. You’re young, and I want us to have more time.”

“I don’t like you using my age as an excuse because then it brings into question whether we should be together or not.”

I almost rear back at her logic but do my best to hide any reaction. The last thing I want is to hurt her feelings or push her away. “Baby, in a regular world, we shouldn’t be together. I’m fucking ancient compared to you.”

Ismini tenses in my arms.

I hurry to finish explaining, “But we’re mated, something larger than the regular world and completely inescapable thanks to the Fates. We are meant to be together, and nothing can change that.”

“Then why—”

“Baby, do you think I’m rejecting you? That I would deny us that?”

“I . . . ugh, fine. No, I don’t.” Much to my relief, she melts back into me, and I wrap an arm tighter around her. “I get it. You have a good reason for wanting us to wait. I hate that you’d have to deny yourself something you want so badly because of my age.”

“Female,” I mumble, pressing my cheek to hers. “I love you, baby, but you’re fucking confused. Yes, I’m dying for it, but I didn’t even fully realize that was something I wanted until today. I’m also fucking selfish when it comes to you. I want more time, just you and me before we take that next step.”

That does it. The last of her tension melts away, leaving her languid in my arms. “Okay. Okay. I was being irrational. I’m sorry. I love you, and you’re right. We do need more time together, just the two of us.” Her words are fading by the end of her sentence, and I can sense she’ll be asleep soon.

I dematerialize us back to my room at the compound and straight into our bed.

As she drifts off in my arms, I stare out the archway leading to the balcony, my gaze unseeing.

Yes, we need to wait. We need more time, and she should have a chance to live more of her life before I make her a mother.

But most importantly . . . and guilt thrums inside me at the fact that I didn’t admit this part to her . . . I can’t shake the feeling that something else is coming toward us.

It’s the same feeling she mentioned having, but stronger.


A gut instinct is telling me to prepare.

I can’t begin to guess what’s heading our way, yet I know that whatever it is, it will change everything.

For better or worse.


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Teena D
Teena D
Jul 19, 2023

Definitely one of the hottest scenes ever!

Jul 19, 2023
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Thank you so much! I loved writing it 😍😍😍


Oh, girl, I loved each word of this so much! *besos*

May 23, 2023
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Thank you hun! I have to admit they almost killed me but it was really nice writing them again 🥰

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