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To Lose You Episode 41

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My head turned to the side—

Dorian was storming down the hall in my direction. “There you are. You weren’t answering your phone.”

I scowled at his expression. “What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

He stopped in front of me and brought me in for a hug; his heart was hammering, which worried me even more. “I’ll tell you in the car. Let’s go.”

The questions swirled through my mind, followed by another hit of anxiety. What happened now?

How much more could we both handle?

All of it. That was the answer. We had to get through each bit of this hell until we made it through to the other side.

With his hand on my lower back, Dorian led me through the building and out the main doors. We took the stairs down onto Fifth Avenue, where Carl was once again faithfully waiting by the curb.

Once inside the vehicle, Dorian turned to face me. “Why were you gone so long? What happened?”

I considered telling him about my conversation with Viola, but whatever he was dealing with seemed to be more pressing. “You first. What’s going on?”

His jaw pulsed as he brought out his phone and typed on the screen. When he handed it to me, I saw the paused video, who was on it, and my whole body flushed with anger.

“She did a press conference?”

“Answered questions outside the police station today when she finally showed up about the warrant,” Dorian responded in a tense tone. “Just watch it.”

I grabbed his phone with shaking hands and pressed play.

The video began with Monica exiting the station alongside what must’ve been her lawyer. As always, she looked gorgeous, and well-put together, as they headed down the short flight of stairs.

“Ms. Adamo! Do you have any comment on the charges against you?”

Both Monica and her lawyer stopped in front of the reporters. When her lawyer opened his mouth to speak, Monica held up a hand to silence him. “Of course I do. I am cooperating completely with the authorities and in due time my innocence will be proven. I would’ve never leaked such an intimate moment on the internet.”

“What about the rumors that you also sent a video to Dorian Sorenson’s girlfriend in retaliation?”

Monica laughed, and I wondered if anyone else could see how fake it was. “Retaliation for what? Dorian and I weren’t in a relationship. I simply sent her what she asked me to send her, because she wanted to see for herself if her doubts were unfounded or not.”

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