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To Lose You Episode 39

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Dorian managed to keep me off him—well, mostly off him—in the car on the ride to his place.

I’d fully expected us to go to his condo in Midtown and I didn’t even care by the time dinner was over. Didn’t give a damn about his bedroom and the memories of those videos.

I just needed him.


It felt like I needed him worse than I’d ever needed him before.

Instead, the car ride took even longer than I could’ve imagined. When the car came to a stop, I saw we were outside our new building.

Our new home.

I nearly tackled Dorian against the car seat once more. “You closed on the place?”

“Uh huh. And demanded they leave all the furniture for us.” He lunged for me, pinning me against the seat, tongue tangling with mine. I fisted his hair with a groan. Tilting my head, I slanted my mouth against his to deepen kiss further.

He didn’t let me.

Rearing back, Dorian fumbled with the intercom button to the front. “I’ve got it, Carl. No need to open. Enjoy the rest of the night off.”

“Will do, sir. Thank you,” Carl replied through the speaker.

The door was flung open after.

Dorian all but climbed over me. Once outside, he reached back for me, but I was already reaching out for him.

The walk to the front door passed in a blur. I knew that the doorman greeted us, but I couldn’t see past Dorian. We made it into the elevator, which was blessedly empty. He slid in his key for the penthouse floor.

That’s when I finally tackled him.

His back slammed into the wall.

I dragged his lips back down to mine.

Shameless, burning for him, I palmed his erection as our tongues connected. Dorian jerked in my grip, and the way he moaned in his chest left my pussy clenching. The feeling of emptiness was too much to bear.

Dorian palmed my ass and thrust against me. Every bit of his body was hard, taut. He vibrated with barely leashed restraint as he rolled his hips and ate at my mouth.

Whimpering, I struggled with his belt.


I didn’t let him finish, kissing him frantically as I ripped his belt open and almost broke off the button of his slacks. The ache in my pussy was deep, painful, and my crotchless panties did nothing to contain how wet I was.

Baby.” Dorian threw his head back to keep his mouth away from mine. “Cameras. Not here.”

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