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To Lose You Episode 37

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“I’m here to offer Dorian emotional support as his friend.” Lucas stepped inside and adjusted the lapels of his grayish-blue suit. His burgundy tie was next. “I’m also here following your friend.”

I closed the door, amused despite myself. “You don’t say?.”

Dorian stood from the love seat and met Lucas half way. He was shaking his head as the two men clapped hands. “What I’d tell you in Chicago?”

“Keep that shit to yourself,” Lucas warned, following Angelina to my couch.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, but made no move to stop him as he took the seat next to her. “My boss is running ten or so minutes late. She’ll be here soon.”

I went back to the intercom to alert the front desk, and asked them to allow her straight in once she arrived.

Dorian sat in the loveseat once again. Beck must’ve run off somewhere and I made a mental note to go check on him later. Joining him on the loveseat, I watched as Ang pulled out her tablet.

“It’s pretty bad.” Ang’s eyes flickered in my direction as she said it. “But at least it’s not all over the news, bad. Just Page Six and the gossip blogs.”

Lucas smirked at Dorian. “Finally a reason to be glad the world is currently such a fucked up place. A multi-millionaire architect’s sex type isn’t even a blip on their rader.”

Ang threw him a look that shut him up pretty quick. “That might change if she gets indicted, or word continues to spread through the gossip rags that you’re pursuing criminal charges against her.”

Or if our quest to find something to use against Monica bore fruit. After all, her name was tied into this scandal as deeply as ours was.

My head hurt as I tried to consider the options, the repercussions.

As I did my risk analysis and found nothing but chaos at the end of each possible road.

My doorbell rang.

Ang was on her feet before I could get to mine. “I’ll let her in.”

I let her do so since it was her boss at the door.

Ilvia Muzio was as fascinating as her name. She breezed inside with her brown hair flowing all the way down her back. Her light blue business suit was expertly tailored, but loose enough to not hug her body. A wide belt in the same shade as her suit was wrapped around her waist. She paired it with a sensible, plain white shirt and insanely high white heels.

We all stood as she got close.

Introductions were briskly made, hands shaken, and no time was wasted. She held out a manicured hand and Ang passed her the tablet. “You both signed the contracts, so we can just get right to it.”

Lucas took his seat further down the couch.

Ang purposely sat all the way on the left.

Ilvia smoothly lowered herself into the middle, oblivious to the way that Lucas was glaring at Angelina. Her nearly black eyes did a quick scan of whatever was on the tablet. “I need to know the names of every woman you’ve ever recorded yourself with. The only way to mitigate the potential problems is to predict them beforehand.”

My stomach dropped.

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