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Shattered Spirit Episode 1: Memories

Read episode 1 here:

“You left. Left me here. Went with her,” I growl the last part, my fury from earlier reawakening within my inebriated system.

Just thinking about that bitch is enough to twist the back of my mind painfully.

I have no idea what she will lead to, what she will eventually cause, but her mere existence already fills me with irrational hate.

Kane’s jaw clenches and unclenches repeatedly as he stares at me silently.

I lean forward and boldly run my tongue across the twitching muscle, whimpering at the deep growl that vibrates throughout his rib cage.

“Beautiful, stop. You’re too young. We can’t do this.” His voice pleads with me, but his eyes give him away, devouring me.

He can tell me to stop all he wants, but the way his hands pull me closer tells me differently.

I lick his jaw again. “It doesn’t stop me from wanting you.”

His luscious tongue slithers out to lick his lips.

I moan like a bitch in heat.

“It doesn’t stop me from wanting you, either.” Kane’s eyes drop hungrily to my mouth.

And in that moment I know he’s two seconds away from finally giving in.

What I don’t know yet, what I can’t possibly have any way of guessing, is what it’ll cost me in the end.

What I’ll have to give up . . . everything I will lose.

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