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Breaking The Rules Episode 6

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Liv shifted, tilting her head and letting me suck on her bottom lip. The need to bite down into its plumpness was borderline cruel.

She let out a little exhale that slid into my mouth. I nibbled on her bottom lip as softly as I could. Liv moved again. I felt the slightest flick of her tongue. I slanted my mouth over hers, wet lips sliding across each other. Thoughts abandoned me, leaving me at the mercy of my senses.

And all of them were honing in on her.

Her tongue began dancing shamelessly with my own. God forgive me, I was lost.

Pulling her closer and surrendering my body over to the feeling, I held her as tight as I could considering that we were in a booth.

My wet tip rubbed against my boxers. At any other moment of my life, this would have shocked me. But right then, all it did was heighten my need.

Liv pulled back, retaliating for what I did earlier and giving me a light bite that dragged across my bottom lip. It took all of my strength to stop myself from thrusting up into the air. When she pulled back to lean her cheek against mine, I groaned and turned my head to press my lips into her skin.

“Oh, God. Calum, that’s intense,” she breathed, rubbing her cheek across my mouth.

Saying that we were in perfect agreement would have been a tragic understatement. “Give me more.” My voice grated with my demand.

Liv whimpered under her breath, turning her head and kissing me again.

It wasn’t lost on me that I was still wearing her hat, nor was it lost on Liv. “You look really sexy wearing that,” she whimpered between kisses.

I was tempted to tell her I’d keep the thing on all night if it meant that she wouldn’t stop what she was doing. She flicked the tip of her tongue, teasing mine and making my toes curl in my shoes.

It registered in the back of my mind that we had become that couple making out in the dark corner of the bar. I’d never done something like this, yet I basked in the knowledge that every idiot that had been drooling over her could just pass by and see.

“Fuck. I’m dying to—” But she didn’t finish, just slid her little tongue right back into my mouth. Hands tight around her hips, I held her still, letting our mouths all but fuck each other.

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