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Breaking The Rules Episode 5

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By my sixth drink, things started getting out of control. I hadn’t stopped drinking, and while six drinks weren’t enough to get me drunk right away, it was enough to get me tipsy.

Blood warming more, I leaned back against the booth, as I watched Liv with heavy-lidded eyes. “Why are you single?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking her. The question had become too much to hold in.

Seriously, why? She was fun, beautiful, easy to be around . . . delicious. Fuckable. Her body made a man want to experiment in ways that might be unhealthy. Why was she unattached?

“Because most men are idiots,” came her honest, unapologetic reply. “I’ve dated before, don’t get me wrong, but it’s usually a headache. I haven’t met anyone I can honestly say I really got along with and I’m just not the type of girl that can be with a guy for the sake of being with him. Sex is one thing; dating is another.”

So she slept around.

Perhaps the assumption was unfair, yet the sexuality that oozed off her couldn’t be ignored.

Liv loved sex.

I could see it in the way she looked at me.

The way she held herself.

That hungry expression she got while eye-fucking me throughout the night.

She wanted to do to me exactly what I wanted to do to her, and she had the experience to back it up. As young as she was, there was no fucking denying it.




A toxic cocktail pounding through my blood, messing with my head even more.

I watched her shrug, finishing my drink.

Diane had seemingly been with me for the sake of just being with me. I had done the same thing with her. It had all been founded on something that was wrong and for the first time I allowed myself to admit that.

Liv’s honest way of approaching the topic might’ve filled me with jealousy as I thought of another man having her, yet it was straight-forward. Honest.

Something I hadn’t been with myself for a very long time. Especially when it came to my lovelife.

“Hey there, big guy.” Liv sidled up to me and nudged my shoulder softly. “You okay there? You’re looking like a big piece of chocolate melting into that seat.”

“Chocolate?” I asked, amused and unwilling to move. I had one arm draped against the back of the booth’s seat while my other arm lay on the table.

“Yeah.” Liv’s eyelids lowered, becoming heavy. “A chocolate. Definitely. A nice, edible Hershey’s Kiss.”

And the way her eyes traveled over me destroyed all of my common sense, tension shooting like spirals through me and forcing me upright. My body thrummed from the alcohol and her appraisal. Being compared to chocolate by her had me imagining things.

Things that featured her lips.

Lips that, in the dim light of that bar, I was dying to lean over and taste and I couldn’t deny it to myself any longer.

Holy shit.

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