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Breaking The Rules Episode 2

Read episode 2 here:

The pedestrian signal finally changed to walk.

I prepared to run across the street.

A flash of color and blonde hair went past the corners of my vision.

There were a million blondes in this city, both natural and dyed. There was absolutely no reason for my entire body to twist at the waist as I followed that person with my eyes.

Yet, there was.

Because someway, some-fucking-how, I’d sensed it was her.

My mystery woman had stopped before the entrance to Central Park and was jogging in place. She was half-turned facing one of the horse carriages by the sidewalk.

Her lips were upturned in a peaceful smile at the sight of the white horse.

Her profile was enough to derail every thought in my head.

Dressed in light purple workout pants, and a sports bra in the same shade, she was affording me a view of her body I knew I’d never recover from.

Head-to-toe perfect. Mouthwatering. I’d thought I wanted to do dark, vile things to her on that first night.

The images going through my mind now were putting all of those earlier fantasies to shame.

Her hair bounced in her high ponytail as she finally turned and jogged into the park. Her jog morphed into a full-blown run shortly after.

I shot toward her like a bullet.

Of course, I couldn’t just run up to her and grab her, like one of those criminals that attacked women in this park. I was half-mad from my second sight of her, but even I knew that. Besides, what the fuck was I going to tell her?

Hi, I saw you in a restaurant the other night, while my ex-fiance was in the middle of breaking up with me over our previously agreed upon prenuptial agreement, and I’ve been obsessed with you ever since?

I slowed my pace as the insanity of what I was doing sank in. Not that I stopped following her, mind you. Her glorious, pert ass bounced with each step, almost in tandem with the swinging of her ponytail, and I couldn’t break free of the sight no matter how hard I tried.

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Ebony DuNasemante
Ebony DuNasemante
07 de fev. de 2022

This is super addictive,delicious teasers.I can't wait hun 💙🤍💙

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