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Breaking The Rules Episode 18

Read episode 18 here:

I lost it and pushed my dick into her in one, long thrust. “Fuck, baby.” My back arched, my thighs slapping against the table. I shook against her, holding onto the wood beneath her, and trying to control the roar building in me.

Her body trembled everywhere. Her pussy was tight, a perfect fit for me. She whimpered under me, clearly trying to get used to my invasion.

“Fuck, baby. It’s unbelievable.” I shook harder, sweating as I tried to stay still. Her heat made me grit my teeth until the pain shot into my head. Even that wasn’t enough to distract me.

Liv whimpered, arching and moving her hips, trying to get comfortable. “You’re so big.”

I tensed as a ripple of pleasure shot through my dick, my back, my calves—“Fuck.”

Her little hands landed on my chest. I inhaled shakily as she traced every muscle. “Fuck, is right.” Moaning, she rotated her hips just a little. Enough to make me growl dangerously.

I really hoped the girl was getting used to my size because I sure as hell wasn’t getting used to hers. I needed to move, damn it!

“You’re too hot. Probably the sexiest guy I’ve ever been with,” Liv whispered.

“So are you. You have no idea how much I want to just pound into you right now.” My hands strained around the table’s edge. I didn’t dare touch her. I knew I’d hurt her in the state I was in.

“Do it. Fuck, baby, do it.” Her hips shifted and pressed harder against mine.

I arched, hissing and throwing my head back as the last of my sanity melted down my spine. Using my hold on the table, I pushed myself back. Liv wasn’t the only one that shivered with every inch that I withdrew. The pleasure pierced through me. I literally saw the sparks going off in my head as I thrust back in.

She tensed, moaning, fighting me for control, clawing at my skin. “Give me that dick, baby. I want it.”

I growled, holding her still and slamming into her. “Then fucking take it.” I set a brutal rhythm. One that I knew would hurt her, but one that at the moment we both fucking needed.

Liv yelped, her nails digging deeper into my shoulders.

I bent down, the angle not only allowing my mouth access to her nipple, but sending me deeper into her.

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