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Breaking The Rules Episode 17

Read episode 17 here:

One moment I was in front of her, the next I’d lifted her onto the table and was rearing over her, braced on the table. I held myself still between her legs.

She stared up at me, her hair spread across the wooden surface. I could see the swell of one luscious breast peeking out over the edge of her tank top.

Her pale, smooth legs opened for me. One shift and I was able to see down the edge of her shirt, the sexy blue lace that she had on underneath. “I’ve fantasized way too much about those tits.”

Liv’s back arched off the table as I continued to stare at her. “Fuck. If you start talking like that, things are going to get crazier.”

“Good.” I licked my lips and continued taking her in. My hands wrapped around her bare thighs. The girl jerked and moaned, her body trying to draw me in. As slowly as I could, I spread her legs further and pressed myself deeper, growling low in my chest when I felt her heat. It was too much. Just like that, I was too close. I moaned, practically shaking from the effort it took to hold back. “Last chance, Livana. If you don’t want this to happen because of what I told you, I need you to say that now.”

Her back rose off the table again as she clawed at my arms. “For God’s sake, will you fuck me already?”

I was pretty sure I was in love with her.

In one, smooth move I had her shorts off. Her sandals were knocked off her feet with the movement. Liv went to work on her tank top while I froze.

All I could do was stare at her. Every inch of skin tempted me. I watched the white fabric of her tank top rise. The moment I saw her breasts, encased in a matching blue bra, I lost it.

Liv arched into me when I leaned down, moaning loudly for me when I started licking and sucking the swell of one breast. Her fingers dove into my hair and tightened. I took it for what it was: Her surrender.

And I planned on taking full advantage.

Starting with her bra.

I reached behind her with one hand and unclipped the small clasp, literally ripping the thing off her body. Her nipples called my attention instantly. The tips of my fingers circled the hard peaks. The way she arched and moaned made a shudder run down my back.

My eyes were on her the whole time as I leaned down. My dick throbbed, straining as I circled one hard nipple with my tongue.

Liv whimpered my name.

Her taste exploded in my mouth and slid down my throat. With every suck I gave her, with every writhe she gave me in return, I lost myself a little more. We were a desperate, straining mess against each other.

Her hands fought to rip her thong off her. My own hands feverishly helped her, even as my mouth continued to suckle her nipple.

“Fuck. Oh, fuck!” Liv gasped, her voice high pitched.

So hot.

I pressed my hips against her, desperate for relief. Suddenly, I felt her. I shuddered, realizing that she was finally naked.

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