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Breaking The Rules Episode 11

Read episode 11 here:

I stepped off the back porch and onto the sand. Thankfully, no one tried to stop me and speak to me. I didn’t even know if anyone else I knew was here, aside from my brother, Janelle, Angelina, etcetera, nor did I care. I just prayed they all stayed the fuck out of my way.

Scanning the area, I tried my best to locate Liv. She was wearing a white summer dress. That much I took in before focusing on the man she was with. I mentally discarded any blonde that wasn’t dressed in white until my eyes landed on her.

Livana was at the edge of the water, walking around a massive boulder. She paused, as if sensing my stare. When she looked over her shoulder, I saw the struggle playing out across her face.

Then she continued on her path and disappeared from sight.

Not for long.

I took off after her, throwing all caution to the wind. It wasn’t like the beach was empty, because Lord knew it wasn’t. Margaret had probably invited three or four dozen people to this thing, most of which knew who I was.

We weren’t even dating yet, and I was ready to let the whole world know about us. Fuck those people.

I rounded the corner—

Livana was right there, pacing back and forth across the sand. As soon as she saw me, she slammed to a halt. “What are you doing here?” she whispered, as if the people near the house could actually hear us from there. “What are you thinking?”

She was a breath of fresh air in that dress, as much as I hated to use such a cliche. It was short, only reaching to mid-thigh, and frilly from the waist down. An almost imperceptible flower design was sown into the fabric. White sandals and white nail polish adorned her feet.

I took a step toward her on instinct, dying to have her against me once more. “I was thinking that I was going crazy with the need to see you again . . . had I known that you were already occupied with someone else, perhaps I would’ve thought twice about showing up here.” Bullshit. I would’ve rushed there twice as fast.

No one would get to have her but me.

A fact I had to make Liv understand. Unless she gave me an indication that she didn’t want this, that she didn’t want me, there would be no stopping me from claiming her.

And I wasn’t going to share her.


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