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Breaking The Rules Episode 8

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Read episode 8 here:

The feel of her lips tormented me, the memory so detailed that anytime I caught myself thinking about it, my finger came up to rub across my lips.

Like right now.

My cock pounded with a dark, insane hunger.

Exhaling, I moved my hand away from my mouth and let my head fall back. I’d kept my few messages to her polite.

It wouldn’t be that way for much longer.

Every impulse in my body demanded that I reach out and tell her exactly what was happening to me.

How much I still fucking needed her.

Why hadn’t I done it? I had no real idea why. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that if I did do it, I’d end up having to admit just how badly the girl had messed with my brain. Not only might I offend her if the attraction on her side had cooled, but I would be giving up my last ounce of control.

Putting the outcome of the situation entirely in her hands.

I heard my phone go off with a notification. I reached for it, not expecting the text I saw.

Hey. Are you busy?’ -Liv.

Seeing a text from her had me sitting up straight. Confused, I sent her a text back, staring down at my phone while I waited for her response.

‘No. Not right now. Why?’ -C.

‘Ended up by your office. Taking lunch.’ -Liv.

I was out of my chair before I even realized it. Scowling, I forced myself to stay in the office while I sent her one more text just to make sure she was saying what I thought she was saying.

Where?’ -C.

‘Don’t laugh. But I’m thinking of getting a sandwich and heading down to the park. Wanna come with?’ -Liv.

A public place.

In daylight.

My smart girl.

‘Get me anything Italian.’ -C.

And I was already walking out of my office, my body humming. Any misgivings I would’ve had about seeing her went right out the window when I reminded myself that she had text me first.

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