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To Lose You Episode 14

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Monica would pay if she hurt Demitra in any way. Especially if she did what we both suspected she was planning to do.

As a matter of fact, I’d hidden devices all through the suite, at various angles, in case it didn’t happen in the bedroom.

If I could’ve gotten into Demitra’s devices, that would’ve been the best option. Then I could’ve found a way to install some kind of software, something that would stop Monica from delivering that file to my girl.

Yet, I didn’t have the passcodes, and it wasn’t right for me to ask.

So the devices were my only option, and that was only if I failed to stop Monica through some other means.

My mind was fixated on the wrongness of this entire situation, distracted by the details of this twisted game, when I heard the lock disengage behind me.

My head jerked to the side.

And there she was, a fucking vision in that silver dress, the recessed lights in the hall setting off all that sparkle.

She had her contacts in, no glasses, and her lined eyes instantly found my own.

That look . . .

An inferno seemed to blast from her to me, ramming into every nerve ending, and in an instant every bit of icy distance between us seemed to vanish.

Expression intent, Demi pushed the door the rest of the way open and eyed me like I was nothing more than an object to be used.

The quintessential piece of meat to be devoured.

There was no affection or love in her gaze, only raw hunger, and one would think it’d bother me.

Nope. My cock was already full and throbbing, tip wetting my boxers, and I could only grip the counter and mumble her name as my brain spun.

“God damn you.” Demi stepped inside and slammed the door shut, making me glad that we were the only ones on this side of the hallway. “Even when I don’t want to fucking want you . . . Even in a club with all those other guys hitting on me . . .”

I slammed the glass in my hand on the counter, nearly breaking it. “What the fuck did you just say?” I was already facing her, ready to . . . What? Make her pay for being so fucking beautiful that every man that saw her wanted her?


I was a fucked up asshole from every angle for even thinking it, but that was exactly what was on my mind.

She ignored my deadly question, eyes on my dick, and flung her clutch across the room. “Get fucking naked. Now.”

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