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Shattered Spirit Episode 6: Breath

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“You live on the last floor?” Sienna asks in a low, shy voice.

“Last two floors are all part of the house,” I answer curtly, staring at the floor numbers flashing way too slowly for my liking. The final floor she’ll never see—it’s been dedicated to my family’s work with Sector Nineteen for almost twenty years now.

Nothing more is said until the elevator doors open and we step into the foyer of my home.

I’m currently on my way to search for Ms. Harridson, my housekeeper, when Sienna calls my name.

I stop in my tracks, shoulders hunched and body tensed as if in preparation for an assault.

I couldn’t be more right.

It’ll be the first volley she throws at me.


Without malice.

But it’ll blast a chink through my Sector Nineteen armor that’ll eventually corrode the entire thing.

“I’m fucking sorry, okay?”

I turn to her in confusion.

I really shouldn’t have.

Her cheeks are a delicious shade of pink, her eyes flash in my direction, and her chest is heaving.

“You’re what?” I ask, eyes frozen on the perfect breasts moving back and forth before me.

“I’m fucking sorry! I know this is the last thing you wanted . . . and I know you’re freaking pissed, I can tell. I told Aunt Meredith before she . . . I’m so sorry she forced this on you! I’m sorry I’m making your life so unbearable with my presence right now that all you can do is be such a fucking dick!”

I stare at her wide eyed. She’s actually cursing me out.

And she isn’t done. Oh, hell no.

“That being said, I swear I will find a way to get out of your hair as soon as possible. Not only because I can tell you hate having me here, but because I honestly don’t think I can put up with you being such a prick. But I am sorry.” She pauses here, her voice seeming to get stuck in her throat.

I watch in complete shock as tears begin sliding down her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry Aunt Meredith did this. I tried to convince her before she died, you know? Tried to tell her how you had no obligation to help me. It’s not your fault I have no one and you certainly shouldn’t have to fucking put up with someone you don’t even want around because of some stupid sense of responsibility.”

I. Am. An. Asshole.

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