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Damage Owed Episode 3

Episode 3 here:

Come to think about it, Chase isn’t the only one suffering from “distraction”.

Case in point, he steps closer, eyeing me with what seems like worry. It’s hard to tell with him, but then he reaches for me, pinches my chin, and murmurs, “Are you okay?”

His touch alone leaves my breath stuttering, my mouth almost failing to form words. It would be so much easier if I didn’t know what he feels like inside me, stretching me to the limit. Owning me with each thrust.

I swallow the rock in my throat and struggle to hold his stare. “Yeah. Just—just wondering how it got knocked over.”

“You’re sure that’s all?”

“Yes, I’m—” Shaking my head, I laugh under my breath. “I was just thinking you’re not the only one that’s been distracted lately.”

Chase hums under his breath, his thumb skimming along my jaw; a touch I feel all the way down in my clit, damn him. “And he hasn’t been bothering you, has he?”

No need to ask who “he” is. “No, actually. Not a word. I can’t even find him to have my lawyers serve the divorce papers I initiated.”

His body tenses and he drops his hand from my face. “Do I need to have someone track him down so you can take care of that?”

I should be phased by his offer. Bothered, at the very least. It’s worrisome how easily I take it in stride. “Maybe. I don’t know. I’ll let you know in a few days.” I try to steady myself with a slow breath and reach out to smooth my hand down his arm. “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”

The way he groans low in his chest . . . God kill me right now, because I’m about to do anything just to have him one more time. He leans down to nuzzle my cheek, taking my scent into himself. “Fuck, I wish. But I purposely came right before an important board meeting so I wouldn’t be tempted to do just that.” Scowling, he moves away.

His entire body is taut with lust, which only makes me wetter for him. “Why?” I ask, breathless and unashamed at the fact.

Not anymore.

Not when it’s so obvious he’s suffering just as much as I am.

Chase walks around me and begins descending the stairs to the walkway. “Because, Aria. The next time I have you, you’re going to come to me,” he throws over his shoulder. “Willingly.”

“I went willingly the last time.” Boy, did I fucking ever.

He pauses on the walkway, halfway to his car, and smirks at me.

I nearly stumble down the stairs at the sight.

“Actually, there was a lot of coaxing involved, Aria. In case you don’t remember.”

There’d be absolutely zero coaxing needed now. It’s a sad, unavoidable fact.

Yet, before I can tell him that, he heads to his car and opens the door. “I promised I’d give you time, and I will. I just came today because I was going crazy not seeing you.” His eyes flash, focusing on my mouth. “Not tasting you. The next time, though? There’s going to be no hesitation from you. Nothing standing between us. It’s going to be just you and me, and the rest of the world can go to hell for all I care.”

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