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To Lose You Episode 26

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But everyone in the universe would be able to see that wasn’t my only reason. His pull was too strong. I was too weak. Giving in would be my only option at this rate.

What kind of relationship would we have moving forward?

Joey put away his phone. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him study me.

Running on my impulse, I asked him, “How does one forget the unforgettable?” Jesus, that applied to every level of our situation, and it didn’t occur to me until after I mumbled it.

“I’ve never been in your situation and it isn’t one I envy at all,” Joey said carefully. “And it’s most likely not my place to tell you this . . . But I’ve never seen him this crazy over any woman. Any.”

“Why isn’t it your place? It’s not like you’re telling her something the whole world doesn’t know already.”

I almost flew off the couch at the sound of Dorian’s voice.

Fucking hell. He was always sneaking up on me. And his words . . .

I refused to look at him. Not because I didn’t want him, need him, adore him. He wanted a promise from me I didn’t know how to keep, and it wasn’t just because of Monica.

Perhaps it hadn’t occurred to him yet.

I resolved to tell him at the first chance.

Joey stayed a bit longer to go over the plan with us—they were going full blown legal. Sue Monica and the company to begin breaking their contractual agreements.

File the police report to alert the authorities of Monica’s crime.

“In New York, revenge porn is a real crime, and this falls under the exact definition of it. Ms. Adamo took an intimate video that was meant to be kept private by herself and Dorian”—I had to close my eyes at that, and he paused to give me time to compose myself—“and unveiled it to you, a third party, with the intent to cause harm to Dorian’s emotional welfare. The fine is pathetic, only a thousand dollars, but we’re talking up to a year in jail. And, aside from breaking the contracts, and being owed financial restitution for the setbacks Dorian’s company will incur on the projects, he can also sue for personal financial compensation.”

“Which means I get to financially ruin her and her family for this,” Dorian told me solemnly. “And, no, Demi. I don’t care if everyone connected to her is innocent. She didn’t give a damn that you are.”

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