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To Lose You


“I was a God back then. Untouchable. Consequences didn’t apply to me. It was my right to do whatever I wanted—I never thought it would eventually cost me the one woman I’d ever fallen in love with.”


I should’ve just told her everything from day one.

Not that it would have mattered. I always knew it’d be too much.

That the dirt of my past would ruin us.

I can’t blame her for leaving me. For the pain everything caused her.

If I were a nice guy, I’d let her go.

Maybe I’m an evil bastard, but whatever the fuck it takes, that woman will return to me.



“You think you know someone’s reputation—then you find out it’s so much dirtier than you imagined.”


My soul is addicted. Living without him is impossible. 

Five months of having him and it feels like I’ve never lived without him at all.

Now, I’ll have to learn. Will have to rip him out of my being.

Or I can choose to suffer through the struggle. 

To fight. 

To accept the pain in order to keep him. 

To go up against everyone standing in our way. 

Including my own father.



Allure Series

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