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She's everything a Vampire could ever want…and he can't have her…


When Obsidian’s brother, the King, married years ago, he welcomed his brother’s new family as his own—his brother’s wife, as well as her little girl. A girl named Calamity.


His niece by marriage.


Eventually, he left to war the savages again and the last battle kept him away for over a decade. Now, he’s returned to take his rightful place: second-in-command to the throne. He is everything the kingdom stands for—everything it needs. The kind of pillar not even his brother, the King, can aspire to being. Everyone looks up to him.


Yet, they do not know the truth.


In the grip of the shadows, his brother’s adopted daughter haunts him at night. During the day, she smiles and whispers, showing him traces of that sweet little girl. At night, she’s there, a vision in black. Watching, stalking…no words need to be said.


Obsidian is losing the battle. This thing between them is an evil spark. Thousands of years of honor are threatened—about to be shredded by the impossibility of their desire.


It’s in her silence that she kills him…and she wields it like a blade. The savage call of her blood is more than he can handle…And his need to own her body might end up tearing apart the kingdom he swore to protect.


This is a spicy, fated mates dark fantasy/ paranormal romance with a toxic anti-hero, a toxic heroine, and an explosive, forbidden connection that threatens to tear a kingdom apart. This series explores mature themes that might not be for everyone, and every book gets darker than the last. Only suitable for readers 18+. Although this book ends in a cliffhanger, this couple becomes an integral part of the series and their story is set to be completed soon.

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Ryze Series

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