Weekly Hussy Squad Giveaway | Loveless

Up for grabs this week? Loveless.

The giveaway is open to members of my FB reader group only. Everyone can request a copy.

Join the group here: http://bit.ly/2FZ4jZq

The giveaway will close on Saturday ♥️

Loveless Blurb:

One night. An agreement. The obsession that ensues …

Paige He told me he only wanted sex with me. I’ve agreed to his terms. Elijah will be my first lover—I’ll let him have my virginity. But I won’t give him anything other than that.

Elijah She was supposed to be one of many. My greatest conquest yet. But she’s in my blood now. Inside my fucking soul. It won’t end at just the sex with us. I won’t let it.

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