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To Lose You Prologue

Read the prologue here:

“You’re still mine, Dorian. I don’t care if you’re in denial about it.”

Rage warred with disbelief inside me. Of all the crazy shit to say . . .

Monica leaned on my desk, her black hair falling in waves over her shoulders.

I stared up at her and squeezed the pen in my hand. “You’re fucking crazy—”

She pressed her fingers to my lips, shushing me.

I jerked my face away, shooting to my feet. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

Seemingly oblivious to my dangerous mood, Monica spun around slowly and sat on my desk. “That’s not what you demanded the last time we were naked together.”

“Which was over seven months ago, in case you forgot.”

Shrugging, she smoothed out her thick hair. “Not the longest we’ve ever gone without fucking each other.” She pursed her thick lips, humming thoughtfully. “You were supposed to come back to me by now.”

“I’m no longer interested. And the last time we saw each other, you made it clear you were going to find yourself another stud to take my place.”

“Oh please. I came back to you that night. But you didn’t even want to let me in.” Her hazel eyes narrowed in my direction. “What’s her name, Dorian?”

I carefully schooled my expression. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Someone was in the apartment that night. Admit it.”

Like hell. Realistically, I was aware that I couldn’t hide it forever. Demitra and I were together. Oh, we hadn’t discussed it yet but that woman was mine.

And I’d be damned if I let Monica ruin it in a childish pique.

Eventually, Demitra and I would be out in the open. Soon.

But I had to plan it perfectly. Minimize the damage Monica could inflict. There were things about me Demitra could never know. She would never look at me the same again.

Most people probably wouldn’t judge the insane sex life I had before Demitra came back in my life. I was single. It was my right to do whatever I wanted.

Or so I thought.

Then I experienced this entirely new, all-consuming attraction to Demitra. One that eventually morphed into something else.

I was only her second lover. She was barely twenty. How could I ever expect her to be okay with my past when I would go crazy if the roles were reversed?

Monica was still silently analyzing me.

Inhaling slowly, I shook my head and smirked. “You’re actually fucking jealous. Look at you. How sad is that? Didn’t you once tell me only weak women feel jealousy? Yet here you are, so worried about who’s pussy my cock is in.”

“So there was a woman there.”

My jaw ticked. “You’re psychotic and possessive. It’s sad.”

Monica waved her hand dismissively. “I fuck other men. You fuck other women. A lot of the time, we fuck them together. In the end, though, we always go back to being with each other.”

“Not this time!” Sheer force of will kept me in place, when all I wanted was to force Monica out of my office.


So violently that it would scare her forever out of my life.

“Dorian, whoever she is, we both know that I can fuck you way better than she can.”

“You fucking wish,” I growled, biting back everything else I wanted to say. The last thing I wanted was her getting any information about Demi. “Stop acting as if you have feelings for me. It’s kind of pathetic.”

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