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To Lose You Episode 5

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I didn’t appreciate feeling trapped. It was something I’d never had to deal with in my life, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to put up with it now. Darting a glance at the screen, I made sure everyone was too engrossed in what Stephen had to say to pay attention to me, and pounded out another furious text.

‘I don’t understand why I’m paying you, if you can’t offer me a more proactive solution now that I need it the most.’ -D.

‘I can’t advise you to break these contracts. The losses in compensation owed would total in the hundreds of millions. And it would do nothing to stop her from divulging personal information, or leaking the videos she has of you two.’ -Howell.

Of us “two”.

That was the problem. It wasn’t just us.

Why did I ever let her record us? Because I used to rewatch the videos and get off on them in the past.

God fucking help me.

No. God help Demi. It was as she once admitted to me: she wasn’t experienced.

And, sometimes, even the most experienced women caved in the face of such sordid scandal.

It would be the biggest test of her feelings for me, and it was happening too fucking soon. Four in a half months, close to five. I hadn’t even made it official with her, yet.

I wasn’t an expert on relationships, had never truly had one in my life, but the writing was pretty clear on the wall.

This thing between Demi and I was hanging by a thread.

The way we left things yesterday was proof of that.

She ran out on me.

I told her I loved her, and she fucking fled.


Hearing my name made my head rear back. My phone, which I was holding on my lap beneath my desk, almost fell out of my hand.

Four pairs of eyes were focused on me, awaiting my response.

The problem was that I had no idea what I was being asked.

And I didn’t like the way Stephen’s gaze, in particular, was narrowed in my direction.

“I’m sorry. I received an urgent message,” I said, opting for some partial honesty to cover up my lack of attention. “What was the question?”

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