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To Lose You Episode 47

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I had no idea what kind of wrath her father aimed at her—because, let’s face it, the threat of the legal and financial repercussions had clearly not been enough to control her—but Monica finally agreed to give it all up.

In exchange for us dropping the charges and Dorian not pursuing the lawsuits.

At least, that’s what her father claimed. He was here, sitting across from Dorian at the table, and Monica was seated a few seats down.

But she wasn’t engaged. She just stared blankly at the wall while her father did all the talking.

“To recap, Sorenson International agrees to finish off the pending contracts with your company, and no further obligation is owed on Mr. Sorenson’s end. In return, Ms. Adamo will be legally bound to stay away from all job sites, from Mr. Sorenson and Ms. Davis, and no further attempts at communication will be made. Failure to follow that instruction will be considered an immediate breach of contract and we will be forced to proceed with our lawsuits against your company,” Joey reiterated from his seat next to Dorian.

He was on his left.

I sat to Dorian’s right.

As studiously as I was trying to ignore Monica, her father was doing a hell of a job of pretending I didn’t exist. Perhaps he was trying to make me feel inconsequential, but truthfully, I preferred it this way.

“That was already agreed on,” Alessandro responded evenly, his jaw twitching.

Ah. So he didn’t like the reminder of what he stood to lose if he didn’t keep his creation on a leash.

Good. I hoped it weighed on him forever.

God knew that Monica would always be a phantom I fully expected to return. I would learn to live with it, to be prepared. To never be anxious again. Yet the reality was what it was. Multiple futures lay in the balance, all subject to the whims of one insane woman.

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