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To Lose You Episode 46

Read episode 46 here:

Dorian shoved me behind him.

Normally, I’d be disinclined to hide from Monica and would face her on my own.

But her expression had stuck with me.

The unhinged way she’d stared at us.

“You idiot,” Dorian said calmly. “You goddamned idiot.”

The cameras were recording this.

I had no idea how she got up here, how she evaded security and Brentley, but it’d happened. She was once again violating the restraining order and this time it was being captured on film.

“Fuck you, Dorian! How dare you let this bitch get into my father’s head?”

So her father had confronted her in the end. Instead of corralling her, it’d pushed her to act in an even crazier fashion.

Either way, it benefitted us. Something I knew Dorian was also aware of.

“I didn’t let my girlfriend do anything. She’s her own woman, and well within her rights to approach Alessandro and ask for his help in controlling you. Clearly, someone has to.”

Monica practically screeched at that comment. “You’d let her fucking ruin my standing in his company, in my family, just because she can’t handle seeing the truth! She can’t handle seeing that she isn’t special, that you fuck all of us the same way.”

Her words . . . I fought to not let them affect me as she intended, but after seeing those videos, it was hard. I’d done so well the last few weeks, had pushed those memories so deep into my mind that they barely surfaced.

Yet what she said had rung a bell too loud to be ignored.

I couldn’t help the insecurity that blossomed and threatened to suffocate me.

“You’ve never seen how it is with Demi, and you never will. But stop making an ass out of yourself and assuming shit you know nothing about. Clearly, I belong to her now, when I haven’t belonged to anyone before her. The reality is that you’re the one who was never special, and you can’t deal with that. If it were up to me, she’d be wearing my ring already, and she knows that.”

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