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To Lose You Episode 45

Read episode 45 here:

His own orgasm seemed to last an eternity. He released his hold on my legs and collapsed on top of me, breaths racing.

I wrapped my arms around him, stunned. At a loss for words.

So fucking in love with him that I couldn’t see straight.

Even so, there was a tinge of alarm. I adored him. I wanted to be his wife.

There, I’d admitted it.

But I thought we’d come to an understanding that it would happen later once we had time to settle down and date.

Once I finished school.

Once this scandal was behind us.

Just as quickly, that apprehension faded. Because it didn’t matter in the end when it happened, only that he wanted it as much as I did. So fuck it. If he asked again, I was going to say yes. Screw the timeline.

But he didn’t. Eventually, he raised up on the table to rain kisses across my face.

Giggling, I offered my mouth.

We kissed languidly for long, drawn out minutes, basking in that sense of connection. “Let’s get you dressed, and then back home. I want to spend all night fucking you all over the penthouse.”

It was Friday, so we were free to do just that.

On shaky legs, I eased off the table. Dorian handed me my panties first, followed by my jeans.

He buttoned his shirt as I slipped on my sweater.

I shrugged into my trench coat and went over to him.

“I smell you on my mouth. You know how much I fucking love that,” he rasped, as I smoothed his blazer.

“I love you,” I responded simply, smiling.

His answering smile did things to me that I couldn’t describe. “Ready? Let’s head home.”


We turned toward the doors.

They burst open and I saw a flash of dark hair.

My heart fell to my feet as recognition sunk in.

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