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To Lose You Episode 44

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I wasn’t lying when I told Dorian a few days ago I couldn’t handle anymore anxiety. The unknowns that still lay before us were taking me time to get used to. When I saw the first man in a suit exit from the hallway leading to the boardroom, followed by a few others, I knew the meeting was over.

When their eyes cut in my direction, and another ten people in suits came behind them, gazes also on me, I knew what that meeting must’ve been about.

The problem with being the head of a publicly traded company?

The board had final say in almost everything.

If you were the CEO and happened to bring bad publicity to the company? They could decide you were more trouble than you were worth.

Glued to my seat by dread, I watched them head toward the elevators. Took their stoic, yet slightly disapproving glances. Prayed to everything out there that I was wrong and it wasn’t what I thought it was.

If Monica cost Dorian his position at this company . . .

If Dorian lost it because of his relationship with me . . .

It didn’t bear thinking about.

Alessandro Adamo’s company was still a private company. They could withstand more of the scandal without him being in jeopardy of losing what he’d built.

Once the last board member was out of sight, I shot out of the chair and began heading straight to the boardroom. It wasn’t the first time I walked that path—I walked it many times during the two months I was interning here—and even if it had been, Dorian’s pull was too strong. It could lead me anywhere.

I found him inside the boardroom. He was still sitting in the chair at the head of the table. His head was in his hands.

The sight brought me to a stop. Without thinking twice about it, I whispered his name in a small tone.

Dorian’s head shot up.

His eyes widened at the sight of me and he rose from the chair. “Demi? What are you doing here, baby?”

I waited for him as he walked closer. “What happened? I saw the board members exiting as I was waiting.”

He stopped before me and his chest rose and fell with a slow breath. “I think you know what.”

“They’re going to remove you as CEO?” I gasped, my entire body freezing.

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