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To Lose You Episode 40

Read episode 40 here:

I sat at the kitchen counter, in our new penthouse, and watched the tablet screen in horror.

One would think I’d be used to it by now, the sinking feeling in my stomach. The acrid disappointment that overwhelmed every cell.

“Antonia Kastellanos Davis had no comment to give today as she walked into the building where her lawyers’ offices are located. A stark contrast to her husband, Stephen Davis, who has had much to say in the last two days.”

The shot switched to one of my father standing outside the Aelius Tower, where SD Interiors, Sorenson International, and Agathen Designs—Calum and Lucas’ architectural firm—were located. “All I can say is that I have done everything in my power to prove to my wife how sorry I am. It was a horrible mistake, but I wish she wasn’t tearing our family apart over it. In the end, if she wants to leave me, she’s welcome to do so, but I built this company from the ground up and I won’t let her just take it from me to appease her scorned fury.”

“Is he fucking kidding me?” I shouted, slamming my glass onto the counter.

“Keep watching,” Ilvia murmured, nodding at the tablet.

I almost didn’t want to. How much worse could this get?

I was about to find out.

The shot changed yet again, and it was a slideshow of images of me and Dorian.

The shot from my social media at the Goff’s event.

The picture Dorian posted the day he picked me up from school.

Us outside NBC Studios.

Even the night that paparazzi for Page Six harassed us outside this building—the first night we saw the penthouse.

“The Davis family has had its fair share of scandal lately, and it’s propelling them into the spotlight in a way they haven’t been in over a century. Maybe more. Demitra Davis, Stephen and Antonia’s only child, is embroiled in a torrid love affair with her ex-boss. Who happens to be knee-deep into a sex tape scandal that’s quickly taking the internet by storm. It’s not every day that a rich man’s intimate history is leaked this way, and can I just say what a great multitasker the guy is? No really, this kind of stuff is usually only seen in scripted por—”

I hurried to shut the tablet off.

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