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To Lose You Episode 38

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That smile fell off his face and his jaw twitched. Eyes darkening, he let his gaze travel over my upper body. “Don’t tempt me, baby.”

But I wanted to.

I wanted to crawl over this table, in front of everyone, and climb right on his lap.

Lust tightened his face even further.

No doubt he could read my mind by simply looking in my eyes. He always knew when I was ready for him. When I could barely wait another second to have him.

Dorian’s lips parted with an exhaled breath. His wide chest rose and fell beneath that black vest. His eyes passed over the open space as he took it in for himself. “It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?”

“It is,” I agreed, my stare locked on him.

A waiter stopped at our table with a bottle of wine. “The 2008 Bordeaux you requested, sir.” He held the bottle out for Dorian to see for himself. After a quick inspection, Dorian nodded his approval. The water poured it into our glasses with perfect, controlled movements, then left the bottle on the table for us.

“Pre-ordered?” I asked Dorian, clinking my glass against his when he held it up.

He tilted his head. “I told them to be prepared.” Watching him lick his lips after drinking made me cross my legs under the table. My clit wouldn’t stop throbbing, and the incessant pounding was messing with my concentration. “As I was saying . . . this place? It’s nice enough to hold an event here, isn’t it?”

That enigmatic way he was studying me screwed with my thoughts even more. I wished I could read the thoughts in his head the same way he seemed to be able to decipher mine. “Yes, and they do. They rent this place out for parties and weddings. Don’t they?”

Dorian’s lids dropped over his eyes, hiding the piercing blue irises behind his dark lashes. “And St. Patrick’s is right next door. Perfect for a wedding. Yeah.”

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