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To Lose You Episode 36

Read episode 36 here:

Dorian and I stepped outside the building with the broker right behind us. The doorman gave us a half bow and wished us a good night.

We returned the sentiment. The broker—I think she mentioned her name was Paisley—stopped next to us, her face flushed and excited.

I could barely look her in the eye after what Dorian and I did in that bedroom—soon to be our bedroom.

“We’ll have all the paperwork drawn up by the end of the week,” she told Dorian.

“I’m paying for it in full. Have it done sooner.”

God, the way Dorian got down to business sometimes, and the way he calmly but firmly demanded what he wanted, never failed to get me all worked up. It brought to mind memories of the two short months we worked together.

All the meetings I was a part of as I watched him do his thing.

The boardroom table . . .

Fuck. I missed that table. So many good things had happened there.

I made a mental note to visit him at the office. Soon.

“I’m sure they’ll be eager to expedite the process for you, Mr. Sorensen. I’ll bring it up as soon as I’m back at the office.”

“Good.” With that one word, Dorian ended our interaction with Paisley and guided me toward the Rolls-Royce waiting for us at the curb. Clearly, Dorian had text Carl and informed him that we were on our way down.

We’d barely taken two steps in that direction when a man ran up to us.

The flash of a camera blinded me.

Dorian maneuvered me so that his body was covering mine. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Sorry, man. Didn’t mean to scare you both. Just wanted a picture of you and the girlfriend. I work for Page Six, by the way.”

“And what the hell do you want with us?” My boyfriend snapped.


My mind registered that word, along with a profound confusion. They still did things like that? I knew they still followed around and hounded the super famous, but we in no way qualified for that moniker.

His next comment cleared up any confusion I had.

And unleashed a wave of panic I’d never experienced before.

“Do you mind commenting on Ms. Adamo now that those videos were leaked?”

What?” Dorian snapped.

“No offense to your girlfriend, man. I just thought one of you would like to comment on those sex videos of you and Ms. Adamo. They’re everywhere and spreading like wildfire.”

My knees went weak.

Horror followed close behind.

She leaked them.

That insane bitch took her copies of the videos and she fucking leaked them for everyone to see.

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