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To Lose You Episode 34

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As predicted, a bus boy ran up and rushed to clear the table. I’d never seen him before, but I smiled in greeting regardless.

Flustered, he almost dropped one of the glasses, and he mumbled hello under his breath.

Liv waited until he was gone to raise both eyebrows at me. “Didn’t you get back with Dorian after forgiving him?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m just being friendly, something you should try. And yes, I’m back with him. Have I forgiven him? It’s hard to say. It happened before I met him, so what is there to forgive?”

“You’re angry as fuck at him for doing it, regardless. If he hadn’t been such a slut, there would’ve been nothing for you to see. Nothing to have thrown in your face and break your heart.” She let loose a high-pitched whistle in the direction of the bar.

I was surprised the bartender, Greg, heard her above the noise of the crowd. He was at the very end of the bar and he turned in our direction at the sound.

Liv motioned to both of us, and it was clear she was telling him to get us whatever she had been drinking.

Usually, a waiter would serve us, but with the happy hour mayhem going on, it would probably be a while before one gave us attention.

Greg nodded and got right to work. If I wasn’t mistaken, that was Beluga Vodka he was pouring into those glasses.

“It’s fucking four,” I reminded Liv.

“Some of us aren’t riding on a cloud of happiness and would rather forget,” she shot back.

“Yeah, that’s exactly why this meeting had to happen.” I left her in the booth, studying me in her confusion, as I went over to grab our drinks. “Splash some cranberry in there. Some of us aren’t trying to die,” I told Greg.

He laughed and did as I asked.

Returning with our drinks, I placed one in front of Livana and resumed my seat. “I’m going to talk, and for once your stubborn, damaged self is going to hear me out before you interject.”

“You're the bestest friend I could’ve ever asked for,” she faux-sang sweetly, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

I waited until her glass was at her mouth and she was swallowing to launch my first volley. “You speak of things that shouldn’t have been done in the past, so I wouldn’t have had to see them in the present. Then there would’ve been nothing to have thrown in my face and break my heart. But isn’t that similar to what you did to Calum?”

Liv gagged on her drink.

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