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To Lose You Episode 33

Read episode 33 here:

There were only two possible options I could foresee that might work: inundate people’s consciousness with the magnitude of our connection in the hopes that most of those women would take the hint and eventually back off.

Or ride it out, let time pass. Again, with the hopes that they would eventually back off.

Getting married would certainly speed up the process.

The thought came out of nowhere and bathed me in a cold sweat instantly.

I would not go there. I would not read into Dorian’s comment to my father. I would not become that girl, the one that pined for something as serious as a marriage and subconsciously pushed her boyfriend to take their relationship there.

I wasn’t even twenty-one, yet, for fuck’s sake. Was that something I was even ready for?

Anyway, it was on Dorian if he ever wanted that, and it would be on his timeframe. Not mine. Eleven-years separated us, so I couldn’t say I was in a hur—

Someone plopped into the seat next to me. “Demi!”

My head jerked up.

Angelina had transferred to Columbia last semester to finish her final year with me, and this was one of the classes we shared together. Cheeks pink from the cold, she looked gorgeous, and excited. Her pale green eyes shimmered. “Have you seen?” She shoved her phone in my face.

It was the picture of Dorian and I that she took at the gala. She’d captured the moment when we’d first reunionited with that kiss, and no one could mistake the emotion coursing between us.

Dorian was holding me to him as tight as he could.

I’d given myself over to him completely and it showed on every line of my body.

The picture had gotten an insane amount of reactions since it’d gone up on my social media—some were positive, some were neutral, and some were downright negative.

I left my profile public in order to increase its reach. Unfortunately, that meant anyone could view and comment on it.

Studiously ignoring the comments had become a pastime of mine. I didn’t want to see who was attached to them and possibly expose myself to the identities of Dorian’s other ex-lovers.

But Ang’s excitement was about a specific comment, one I hadn’t seen, yet.

It was Dorian, and what he wrote sent an instant reaction through me.

Missing my girlfriend every second I’m not with her.

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