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To Lose You Episode 31

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Dorian bumped into my back, which only served to bring my attention to his raging erection even more.

“Do you think that putting on that little show will change anything?” Monica asked, and for the first time since meeting her I had to wonder if she was truly mentally ill.

Dorian’s hand wrapped around my nape, holding me in place.

Did he think I would run?

Or was my sudden instinct to destroy that woman so obvious?

“If you don’t move out of our way, I’m going to make sure to give you a show,” I warned her, purposely pressing back into my man and basking in the feel of his tense body.

He was practically vibrating with need and I could finally lay a claim on him in front of everybody.

Monica’s smile was pure maliciousness. “There’s more videos where the first two came from. Let me know if you’d like some more shows to watch.”

More videos.

Of them.


With others.

Dorian used his hold on my nape to jerk me to the side and he began leading me around Monica. “Five-hundred feet. It was made fucking clear to you. I’ll make sure to let the authorities know you didn’t understand the instructions as they were given to you. And if you threaten Demi again, I’ll do much worse to you than I’m planning.”

The desperation vibrating through his body and his defense of me were the only salvation I had. My mind was spinning with the reality that they’d recorded more.


That’s how long they were lovers. Fucking years.

Just how many videos were we talking about?

“Oh? And I’ll be more than happy to inform them of that little girl’s threat to break my face,” she called out as we left her behind.

“You did what now?” Dorian asked near my ear.

“I fucking meant it, too.” He began herding me up a curving staircase that was much smaller than the one in the main foyer. “And right now I kind of want to do the same to you for recording yourself with her so many God damned times!” I hissed over my shoulder.

Tears threatened.

The agony of those memories mixed with the frenzy of lust that pulsated through my entire being. I needed him like I’d never needed him before.

I’d seen him fucking two women at the same time.

Worse, I saw him fucking just her, and in that video, there was no mistaking the similarities between them, and how he took me each time.

We reached the landing and he wasted no time leading me toward the first door he found. “I had Joey destroy every one of my copies, so there was no risk of me viewing them again. Every single one is gone, Demi. Forever.” Without even bothering to knock, he jerked the door open. “And I’m going to make sure every copy she has is also destroyed. I’m going to eradicate her and those videos, so help me God.”

I’d never loved him more than I did then.

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