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To Lose You Episode 30

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I didn’t expect to find Dorian as soon as I walked into the ballroom. The space was massive, almost as large as the one in our hotel in Chicago. Yet I shouldn’t have doubted that I would.

His pull was exonarable.


No more than ten steps into the room, I lost my breath at the sight of him, a blow that gave me no choice but to pause.

The sea of people that surrounded me faded into the background.

Even the woman he was currently slow-dancing with blurred in my vision. He was the only point of focus. The only point that mattered.

As Ang had mentioned, he was detached from his current situation. Those piercing blue eyes I adored were fixed above the woman’s head, staring unseeing into the distance.

Although this was a gala, the eclectic Goffs had decided to eskew the black-tie portion of the event.

Dorian’s suit was bright, eye-popping, different from what he’d usually wear.

It was a light-grayish blue with pinstripes, and it’d obviously been tailored specifically for him. The most eye-popping part of that outfit was the light orange tie, an unexpected splash of color that worked too well with his light coloring. Those blond curls were combed back, a single strand falling in front of his slightly darker eyebrows.

Polished black Ferragamo’s finished off the look. I knew what type of shoes they were because they were Dorian’s favorite dress shoes.

Just one look at him and I was trembling.



I’d been out of my mind to run from that man, to let him go. I knew that. The universe knew that. Setting him free meant risking that chance that some other woman would one day have him.

I’d kill them both.

Awful. Psychotic. Irrational. And yet it was the truth nonetheless.

That was mine. All mine. He’d said so. He’d made it so.

Whoever that woman in his arms was, she needed to go.


It wasn’t lost on me that I had become the center of attention myself. That my lack of movement served to aim that spotlight on me even more.

Good. That part was according to the plan.

So was what came next.

My skin broke out in goosebumps from the reality that I was about to be with him again. That I’d have him in my hands once more.

The whispers and heads turning must’ve finally registered to Dorian. Right as I took my first step to begin walking toward him again, his head jerked in my direction.

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