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To Lose You Episode 29

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I chose this dress for a reason.

It was the same color as my skin tone, an effect that made it seem as if I was nude except for the jeweled filigree design spread throughout. A corset-like waist within the dress made my curves stand out even more. One shoulder was bared; a strap rose up from the side of the dress, wrapping around my other shoulder, where it fell to the ground to join the short train.

Nude Louboutins and large, diamond chandelier earrings finished off the look.

If I was going to step into a realm filled with vipers, I had to be ready to be just as brash as they could be.

Perhaps more.

Besides, I was here to reclaim what was mine. To seduce the love of my life all over again.

No, it wouldn’t be rainbows and roses on the other side, but it was better than the emptiness I’d been living in.

The emptiness I’d condemned us both to exist with when I decided to walk away.

Determination settled over me. Head held high, I walked to the door. Another man opened it for me, bowing at the waist, and considering that wasn’t a standard greeting in America, regardless of station, I took it as the compliment it was.

Sheer palatial elegance greeted me within the foyer. The floor was white, grey-veined marble, a favorite among our social class. A massive crystal chandelier overhead added its glow to the natural sunlight pouring in from all angles.

The entire home was breathtaking from what I could see, but it didn’t hold my attention for long. Standing in front of an archway leading deeper into the home, Angelina called my name and waived me over.

People turned to stare as I passed. Some did a double-take. If they disapproved, I didn’t know and didn’t care. My generation was known for pushing the boundaries with our revealing clothing, especially at these types of events. I, myself, always dressed as sexy as I wanted.

This just happened to be the first time I was this brazen.

My father was going to have a fucking heartattack if he found out, and I honestly didn’t care.

Angelina rushed to meet me halfway in her black heels. That skin tight, dark green gown brought out the shade of her light green eyes, and I wondered in the back of my mind if Lucas would actually show up here to search her out.

Because, if he was, he was going to die at the sight of her.

“Jesus,” Ang hissed, eyes glittering with excitement. “You aren’t playing around.”

“I’m here to reclaim my man. Of course I’m not.”

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