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To Lose You Episode 28

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I went over to see Livana and convey what I now knew. The entire time, my own mind churned with realizations.



Yes, schemes. Things were becoming very clear to me.

If Monica, that bitch, wanted to play games, I was going to have to learn to play them, too. It didn’t matter that the law would be going after her, she clearly had the power to set bombs off in my direction.

And Dorian’s.

She was now my target.

She’d made us her targets, first.

Admittedly, that viper had a decade of experience on me, but I had something she didn’t.

Dorian’s heart was mine. Calum was right about that.

It was time I fucking did something about it.

Livana took the information I had to give her with a deadened, stoic look that almost reminded me of Calum’s.

She looked just as miserable, too. The only thing that had been missing was the glass of liquor in her hand.

I was tripping over everything I saw, always would be.

So would she.

Yet, we had choices to make. It couldn’t be more obvious that the memories of everything we’d gone through would haunt us forever.

Whether we kept our men or not.

“Are you listening?” Angelina asked me over the phone.

I unlocked my door, shopping bags in hand, and walked into my apartment. Almost immediately I could tell it was empty and that my mother wasn’t there. “You’ve only been working there for three weeks, and you’ve already mastered this whole thing?”

Ne sois pas frustrant,” she grumbled in French. Don’t be frustrating. “You know very well this is what my mother did for a living. Different times, but public relations remain the same.”

Very true. Her mother, Janelle Molyneux, had weathered a few complicated scandals back in her day, before she moved with Ang to France. “And your job is okay with you handling this, although you just started?”

“Of course not. Not the Davidson account. Lord forbid.”

I cringed at the way she said that. Walking into my bedroom, I dropped my shopping bags on the bed. “You can’t mean . . .”

“Oh yes. Your parents’ divorce is already tainting you with the delicious stain of infamy. When I mentioned, in confidence, that you’re dating Dorian Sorensen and shit is about to hit the fan, my boss practically threw the phone at me and asked me to call you back.”

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