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To Lose You Episode 23

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I was paying for my actions. Had lost the woman I loved and now had to stand here, seeing the agony in her eyes.

Monica helped put that pain there.

I would fucking make her pay for what she’d done to my baby girl. No more waiting.

Demitra stared at the brick wall before her. “Yes, she did.”

“Her personal account, right?”

A sharp nod from Demi.

“Can I please have my lawyers visit you so they can access the files and trace them back to her?”

Her brow scrunched. “What?” Eyes widening, she finally spun to look at me. “Dorian . . . what are you thinking of doing?”

“What I always planned on doing. She hurt you. Tore us apart. I’m going to fucking break her, Demi.”

She blinked at me in shock. “You’d do that to her? For me? Even though I broke up with you?”

An unholy growl left me. “God-fucking-damn it, woman! I adore you. What part of that don’t you understand? She meant nothing to me!”

“You didn’t fuck her like she meant nothing!”

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. To her, I knew it would seem that way. She was a woman, and a young one at that. I’ve always been comfortable with sex, gave it my all, but I couldn’t explain that to her. It would do more harm than good.

Without opening my eyes, I simply told her, “I’d fucking rip apart the whole world for you. Anyone. Anywhere. I’d watch them burn and probably fucking laugh about it. No one hurts you. No one.” I meant that, and I knew she heard it.

Whether she doubted my sincerity or not was another story.

When I opened my eyes, Demi was still looking at me, eyes wet.

She missed me. As much as I missed her.

But she didn’t know how to forgive me for what she’d seen.

I honestly didn’t know how to fix this. There was no helping her forget; she never would.

How did I help her get past it?

“Dorian, you don’t have to go after her.”

“Why can’t you love me enough to be with me so we can figure this shit out together?”

Her eyes clouded with pain. “I’m not with you because I love you too much. I’m not with you because you just had to be one of the biggest whores on the planet before I came along. I no longer know if that part of your personality can be erased for good.”

In other words? She didn’t trust me.

God damn, that burned.

“It is gone. I’m all yours.”

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