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To Lose You Episode 22

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She shook her head at me—even as her body arched toward mine. “Dorian, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” I nudged her legs apart with my knee, crowding her with my much larger body. My hand shot between her legs, cupping her pussy through her pants. “Don’t remind you who this belongs to? How much this pretty little cunt needs me?”

Her hips rocked into my hand. A small moan left her, echoing in the alley.

Inhaling through the pounding lust, I nipped at her chin, licking my way toward her mouth. “I love you. Breathe for you. The moment my cock slid into that pussy, I forgot every damn woman that came before you.”

She tried to shake her head again, her entire body trembling.

I nipped her bottom lip hard, the taste of her mouth spearing through me.

Then I took her mouth, every inch, rubbing my lips along hers, sucking, sliding my tongue in and owning it.

“Mine,” I panted between kisses. “My mouth. My tongue. My woman.”

Her hands slid into my hair.

For a second, I was convinced she was going to try to pull me away.

I growled into her mouth, rubbed her tongue harder with my own. My body tensed as I prepared for her rejection.

She’d denied me her mouth for three weeks, even knowing I’d come to live for the feel of her. She owed me that.

Instead of pushing me away, she yanked me closer, her hips writhing on my hand.

Tilting her head, she whimpered into our kiss, making me jerk against her.

My dick throbbed, aching. So hard that I could barely handle the sensation of her clothed body rubbing on it. “Need you, Demi. Holy fuck.” Nearly blind with hunger, I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my dick.

She arched on contact. Groaned. Squeezed down on me. Eyes gone cloudy with lust, she bit her lip and moaned my name.

I almost fucking came. Bracing one arm on the wall, I rocked into her, moving my hand between her legs in time to each thrust of my hips.

Demi lifted her head off the wall and tried to kiss me.

My body on fire, I moved my head back, purposely avoiding her lips.

Demi tugged on my neck.

I refused to move. “Tell me that’s my mouth. I want to hear it from you.”

She huffed, eyes flashing, cheeks pink from arousal and the cold.

So beautiful.

So fuckable.

I wanted to bite her.

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