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To Lose You Episode 21

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“Why are you here with him?” I didn’t even try to hide how much the fact hurt me.

She trembled, yearning leaking off her. Still, she raised her chin in a false show of stubbornness. “That’s none of your business Dorian. We’re not together.”

It would have hurt less if she had reached into my chest to squeeze the pathetic organ that adored her so much. Much less.

“You’re still mine. I’m still yours,” I growled. “By definition it means we’re still together, no matter what ridiculous ideas you have in your head.”

Her small hands curled into fists. Hands I’d had all over my body. Hands I needed on me once more. Now.

She didn’t answer my statement, so I repeated the question, enunciating slowly. “Why are you here with him, Demi?”

Her jaw clenched.

“Are you on a date with him?” The thought maddened me. I could barely bear it. “Am I that fucking forgettable to you?”

Tears flooded her eyes and her breath rushed out on a sob. “No, you fucking asshole. I wish I could forget you that easily.”

That’s all I needed to hear.

I rushed to her.

Her eyes widened. Shaking her head, she stepped back.

Too late.

Grabbing her arms, I hauled her up against me. The moment her body collided with mine, sheer hunger exploded in my veins, drowning my body.

A shaky breath left her and she melted into me, staring at my lips with a need as intense as the one I felt.

Damn her.

I laid my forehead on hers and wrapped my arms around her. “Then why are you here with him?”

She turned her face away from me. “It’s business related. His father might need me to help out part-time—”

“No.” I could never begin to explain how much I didn’t want her near him. In any capacity. Didn’t want him as her friend. Definitely didn’t want her fucking working with him.

Demitra squirmed in my hold. “You don’t have a say in that. Now let me go.”

I refused to do so, tightening my hold on her. “Yes I do.”

“We’re not together anymore!” she cried.

Did she have any clue how badly I ached every time she said that? “Look at me.”

She ducked her head.

I shook her lightly, unable to stop myself. “Look. At. Me.”

Tear-filled baby blue eyes met mine.

My breath hitched and a vibration went through my body—lust in its basic form. I wanted to ease her sadness in the most primal way possible. Give her every inch of me. Fuck the pain right out of her.

“I love you. You’re everything to me. Stop pushing me away.” I was begging her at that point, and I couldn’t bring myself to give a damn.

I’d get on my knees, give her anything. Do anything. But letting her go wasn’t an option for me. I’d known that the day she disappeared in Chicago. The day she left me.

The last three weeks without her had done nothing but drive that point home. I needed her to live.

“I can’t be with you,” she whispered, running her hands across my shoulders, up toward my neck. “Not after what I’ve seen.”

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