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To Lose You Episode 20

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Couldn’t reach my girl no matter what I tried. She would only respond to my messages in short spurts. Didn’t answer her calls. When I went to her apartment, the front desk informed me she was away and they didn’t know when she’d return.

Couldn’t even tell if I was being lied to or not. Away? Where the fuck would she have gone?

Her social media was dead. Silent.

Three weeks. That’s how long it’d been since Demi left me. Three weeks of chasing her down, only to have the door closed in my face every single time.

The irony wasn’t lost on me; the possibility of Karma, either.

I got why Demi left me. Everytime I imagined my baby sitting behind the laptop, watching that disgusting fucking video Monica sent her, rage twisted in my gut.

Back in the day, having a girl ride me while I ate out another girl hadn’t been disgusting to me. Fucking sexy, delicious, a perfect way to spend the time? Hell yes.

But I understood how gross it was now. Why? Because imagining myself being the one in Demitra’s place—sitting back and watching a man pound into her while another asshole slid his cock in and out of her mouth—fucked my insides up. Twisted everything until all that remained was the violent need to throw up.

If I could’ve gone back in time and changed what I did, I would have. I would give anything to spare Demi the pain I’d caused her.

Anything to have her back with me, where she fucking belonged.

She had reason to leave me, and maybe, maybe, I could’ve accepted it. If at least she would’ve been happy. If the decision had somehow eased her pain.

Instead, her walking away from me only served to slice both of us apart. Neither of us were okay. We were both miserable. Goddamn shells of ourselves. Her brief text responses gave her heartache away.

How in the fuck was I supposed to let her go when we both needed each other so badly?

Impotence raged. I hadn’t felt this helpless since before I’d given into my feelings for Demi. Head throbbing, I slipped my hands into my pockets and continued wandering aimlessly down the street.

When I left my house, I knew where I would go. The only two places I knew for sure to look in.

Demi’s apartment, and the campus of her school.

I didn’t find her in either place.

Not that it would stop me. She could ignore all my calls, texts, every single attempt I made to communicate with her. I would still keep trying.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of brown hair caught my attention. I almost ignored it.

Then I recognized the man sitting across the brunette inside the restaurant.

Keith Bennett.

I slowed to a stop, disbelieving.

No. That had to be another brunette with long, straight hair identical to my girl’s. Had to be.

A waitress approached the table. The brunette turned to speak to her, and the sight of her profile punched me through the chest.


She was there. In that restaurant. With him. With Keith.

I didn’t stop to think, to try and analyze why she would be there. All I knew was that I’d just spent days trying to find her again, my insides rotting away with the need to see her, and she was sitting there, in a restaurant with Keith-fucking-Bennett.

The man she hid from me. The only man to have touched her, fucked her, before me. Her first.

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