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To Lose You Episode 10

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The small, imperceptible devices were placed in strategic places throughout the boardroom.

An inappropriate, all-consuming thought arose.

Demi, on the boardroom table again, as I devoured every inch of her while the cameras recorded from different angles.

I was the only one with access to the feeds.

It was certainly doable.

And suddenly necessary.

Nevermind my current situation and the fact that recording myself having sex is what got me there in the first place.

I didn’t give a damn about the women I fucked before—I just wanted Demitra, and I wanted to see us taking each other from all angles.

The image washed over me, and I mentally cursed as my dick hardened on a rush.

Most disturbing? This was happening while a psychopath had me in her line of vision. I couldn’t give anything away. Every piece of me, every reaction, was being analyzed on a pathological level.

Every detail being catalogued to be used against me.

I was now playing the most dangerous game of my life: push Monica far enough to slip and expose herself in a way I could legally use against her . . . while waiting on pins and needles for the almost-inevitable attack she was sure to unleash against me and my girl.

All because I decided to no longer be her fuck toy.

Jesus. How the fuck did I get to this point?

“There is no other team that’s set to dominate this year like we are,” Stephen announced over the video call, sounding more like the coach of a sports’ team than the CEO of a design firm.

Admirable self-control, considering Antonia pulled the trigger this morning.

She had her lawyer begin filing for divorce.

She’d take everything that he hadn’t secured—she’d take everything that was still hers.

A sense of unease slithered down my spine.

Antonia was Demitra’s mother, and I had already seen a glimpse of that iron resolve in her young daughter.

A genetically handed down infusion of strength that was just starting to blossom.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d find myself in a similar situation as Stephen without even committing the same crime.


Shut out.

My life flipped upside down.

Soon, Stephen’s situation would hit the news.

The likelihood of it becoming known that Lucia was the other woman was extremely high.

How long before that association came back to haunt me as well?

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