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To Lose You Epilogue

Read the epilogue here:

I stood in the rooftop garden next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and took in the beauty of it.

It really was going to make the perfect venue.

For the wedding, that was.

The reception would take place in the restaurant—as I’d discussed with Demi that night almost a year ago. This location would’ve been amazing for a wedding, as well, but I had my heart set on the original image I’d envisioned that night.

Of course, my soon-to-be fiancé would have to agree with my vision.

I’d cross that bridge when I got there. First, I had to officially pop the question.

Which is why I’d paid to have the entire rooftop garden shut down for the night. It would be just her and I up here, surrounded by the night lights of the city. It was September, and thankfully still warm, which made the atmosphere even more perfect.

I’d hired a chef just for us.

Our table was set feet from me, in the middle of the grassy walkway. Candles were lit on top thanks to the lack of wind tonight.

I stared at my watch.

If everything went according to plan, Carl should already be dropping Demitra off downstairs. She’d be here shortly.

My heart raced, but not with fear. Excitement. Lust. Desperation? Yes, all of that. It’d taken every ounce of self-control to get to this point, to wait this long to ask her, and I couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived.

Demi graduated college yesterday.

She turned twenty-one four months ago.

For almost a year, she’d thrown hints at me, letting me know I didn’t need to wait. That she wanted this as much as I did.

And, somehow, I’d found the strength to hold off.

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