Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 9 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 9 Excerpt:

She can’t take this away from me.

I won’t let her.

My hand snaps around the back of her neck, stopping her. Her face is mere inches from my own. So beautiful that I just want to nuzzle it.

Later. First, I need those lips back on my skin.

“Andrew?” She stares into my eyes, curious.

I see the hunger in her eyes, the one that almost matches my own.

It’s enough. A start. I’ll make her burn as much as I do by the time I’m through with her.

I lean in and brush the tip of my nose across hers. “I need your lips, Lexi.” She will never know how much.

“A-Andrew . . . we shouldn’t.”

She’s so fucking right.

I pluck the necklace out of her hand and blindly dump it back into the gift bag. “Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you,” I say, staring right into her eyes.

Those glasses she’s wearing look so sexy on her.

Somehow, she’s keeping them on while I do her. No matter how rough it gets.

Her hands wrap around my shoulders. “I . . . can’t say that.”

Exactly the answer I expected.


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