Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 8 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 8 Excerpt:

My uncle clearing his throat rips the memory from me. I feel the loss of it so acutely that I want to push him into the wall for taking it from me.

He didn’t actually take it from me. It’s still there, etched into every piece of my mind, lurking. As always. All I need to do is turn my attention to it, just a little, and I’ll be overcome again. Transported right back to that night.

I can’t. My uncle is standing in front of a set of large doors that lead into the main lab of the applied sciences division; a branch of our IT department.

However, we strictly develope hardware in this part of the department, something only a select few people know right now. We’re planning on taking the market by storm.

That explains the need for the handprint and retinal scanner next to the doors.

“Drew?” My uncle waves at the scanner. He doesn’t bother to ask the question that I once again see in his eyes: Are you alright?

I step up to the scanner and place my hand on it, then bend slightly to let it scan my eye next. My uncle has the same level of clearance I have—absolute—but he wants me to get used to doing all this by myself.

Not that small shit like this is difficult, but it was never my intention to take over this company—that is, until the day I realized it’d be the perfect revenge against my father—and I’d made that very clear to everybody after I lost Lexi . . .


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