Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 7 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 7 Excerpt:


She hasn’t called me by that nickname since we were kids.

I go hot at the sound of it. So freaking hot. Blazing. The urge to rip off my clothes is ridiculous.

“Here.” I hand her the bag and brace my elbows on my knees, my clenched fists hanging in between. Don’t reach for her. Don’t touch her.

For the first time, I honestly hope Lexi isn’t a virgin. I’m not going to be able to be gentle with her once I’m in her.

She reaches into the bag. Her brow scrunches when she pulls out the wooden box in it. She turns it around and her eyes widen when she spots the necklace hanging inside, right in front of the Harry Potter logo etched into the small mirror.

Her shocked eyes lock on mine. “Drew,” she gasps.

Don’t fucking touch her.

I clench my fists harder . . .


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