Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 13 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 13 Excerpt:

I whirl on him. “Did you know who she is when you hired her?” I sound as obsessed as I am. Probably look it, too.

There’s astonishment in my uncle’s dark eyes, as well as that analytical gleam I’ve come to know so well. Like he’s putting the pieces together and realizing what my reaction’s really about. “I know you know her since you were kids.”

Know her? I fucking breathe for the girl. Closing my eyes, I fight to resist the pull of her presence. I don’t know what I’m going to do the moment I see her. If I’ll be able to control myself.

I need some answers first.

“She was working for Stephen?”

My uncle hesitates. Most likely has to do with the fact that I haven’t opened my eyes and I’ve lost control of my inner psycho. “Yes. For years we heard rumors of his ‘hidden asset’, the person responsible for giving his company such a huge technological edge.”

Lexi was always a genius. Beyond brilliant. “Why was she working for Stephen?” I almost can’t accept this fact. Don’t want to.

All these years of searching for her, dying for her, and she’d been with Stephen of all people.

Rage burns through my veins.

“I don’t know, Andrew. That’s something you’ll have to ask her,” my uncle says.

Oh, I plan to. “How long was she working for him?”


“Answer. Me.”


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